You Have the Ability- Without Depending on Another Person

When dealing with negative entities most people focus outside of themselves hoping to find someone to heal them rather than focusing on their own inner strength which everyone possesses. This blog post is to help you recognize you have the ability to overcome by learning to depend directly on God rather than a man/woman with weaknesses.

I was elated when Ramana, a person I have been coaching to get rid of negative entities, reported, “I could see the entity outside of my head about a foot away. It was like an energetic moving spider. I was able to command, ‘You do not have the permission to enter my space!’ Then I was able to get the energetic spider away from me by asking for God, Jesus Christ, and the archangels to remove it! I was not tampered with!!” 

You have the ability to defend your space

Ramana gets it. She stood up to the negative entities without depending on another person. She realizes she has the ability to directly call on God’s power to defend her space and so do you.

Btw, you don’t have to see them to know negative entities are present. You can still remove them through the power of words even if you don’t see them.

Motivation to depend on God

The reason God allows dark negative entities to enter your space is to motivate you to depend on him. Call it faith or whatever you feel comfortable calling it. God has given every person that comes to this planet the ability to defend your space by crying out (this link explains the meaning of crying out) in the name of God. You do NOT need another man with weaknesses between you and God to speak on your behalf. All you need is God, who has the POWER to do something real for you! Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

You Have the Ability

Faith is standing up and commanding these intruders to get out and stay out of your space. Like Ramana, you can only discover you have the ability by standing up and speaking in the name of God using your own unique techniques.

Photo by Fares Hamouche 

God doesn’t care about fancy words or following a specific protocol, he just wants to hear directly from you. He doesn’t expect you to be perfect either. If you have past unresolved mistakes and regrets, take a look at a previous blog post filled with hope. God loves broken people. God has endured brokenness so he understands it.


Remember, God created you and gives you the light that sustains you from heartbeat to heartbeat. Use that inner light and realize when you speak in the name of God, you speak with power to protect your space. And also remember your light is an enemy to dark negative entities. They hate light because light reveals what cannot be seen in the dark.

You have the ability to overcome

If negative entities are making your life a living hell, this challenge is a perfect opportunity to motivate you to cry out for God’s power to save you. Your problems aren’t supposed to motivate you to depend on other fallible men, they are meant to lead you to God.

Photo by Jason Hogan

God wants you to succeed so he will NOT give you more challenges than you are capable of overcoming. God knows you better than you know yourself. In fact, God knows everything about you which is why you can trust God more than any man or woman, or even yourself. The secret to overcoming is recognizing God has given you the ability to overcome by depending on Him.

On this journey it will be necessary…

You may also choose to

Conclusion – God is waiting to hear from you

I applaud Ramana for exercising faith and allowing the light of God to work through her! Ramana shared a brief message about her experience… “I just want to say how incredible this experience was! If some people are not aware, God is waiting for you to ask for his help.” 

I wrote this blog post to encourage you to believe YOU have the ability to directly call on God’s power without depending on another person to be between you and God. God is waiting to hear from you, don’t keep him waiting any longer!

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