Where Does Darkness Come From -The Scary Darkness

Darkness and light were part of the creation process which answers the question, "Where does darkness come from", but what about "scary darkness"?

We all experience being in the dark each time the sun goes down. But where does the type of darkness come from that is scary and makes you feel afraid?

Darkness existed before light

I hadn’t considered that darkness existed before light and that some prefer darkness more than light until I read this scripture verse slowly.

That light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

John 3:19

Dark Areas

Where does scary darkness come from? When doctors look for problematic issues throughout the body, they take x-rays and various types of imaging to locate dark areas and brokenness.
Photo by Harlie Raethel 

When doctors look for problematic issues throughout the body, they take X-rays and various types of imaging to locate dark areas and brokenness. Generally, the main goal of doctors and medical teams is to find and get rid of dark areas as quickly as possible.

In the case of my son, doctors have never imaged his brain to locate dark areas. I wrote a blog post, “Depression Brain Scan” to alert others that psychiatrists are the only doctor that treats their patients without looking at the organ they are working on. Although dark areas in the body are alarming, there is still something missing as to why my 24-year-old son and many other youths, who were born healthy, loving, and empathetic, but have or are experiencing various dark emotions including fear, anxiety, isolation, hopelessness, and suicidal thoughts. What caused these negative changes? Something is missing. In order to help my son, I had to know and understand more about “scary darkness” which blocks the ability to properly process fear-based emotions.

Where does scary darkness come from

The abstinence of light occurs each day when the sun goes down. The mere abstinence of light is not scary? But whatever is undiscernible in the dark IS SCARY. The unknown is scary! It is common knowledge that the majority of bad things happen when it is dark. Knowing these statistics promotes a fearful mindset.

Living beings that don’t want to be seen or identified only come out at night. These types of beings often have darkened hearts and minds, and like the scripture I quoted as I opened this blog post stated, “Men loved darkness rather than light”. This type of men prefers to accomplish their dark deeds in the dark, which points to the reason why the dark can be scary.

Psychically Gifted

As I continued to search, I was drawn to testimonies of the psychically gifted who see spirits without bodies. Some testify of seeing dark negative spirits, some testify of seeing angels of light, and some testify of seeing both. I don’t feel they could all be lying. I have always believed in a world of spirits but I had never seen a spirit nor had I ever considered where the world of spirits was located.

Prayed for Answers

I continued to pray that God would guide me to find the answer to my question, “Where does scary darkness come from?” I was led to a book titled, “ The World Unseen by Anthony Borgia”.  Before Borgia’s colleague, Reverend Benson died, he was teaching incorrect doctrine about the world of spirits.  Benson asked for heavenly permission to return to his colleague, Anthony Borgia, to explain in detail the real truth about the world of spirits. Borgia recorded all the details he learned from Benson and published it.

Briefly, there are various levels in the world of spirits; the bottom level is the most negative and is located on the surface of the earth. In other words, negative entities live on the surface of the earth and are all around us. I wrote a previous blog titled “World of Spirits” if you would like to learn a bit more about the spirit world.

Source of darkness is defined as wickedness and evil

I believe negative entities located on the surface of the earth are the source of darkness that promotes wickedness and evil. I asked God to see some negative entities with my own eyes and I was granted my request. My belief has now become knowledge that they exist because I have seen them with my own eyes. Although the majority cannot see them, there are some psychically gifted people who also testify of their existence.

Where does scary darkness come from? They can negatively influence anyone because they are smart and understand where to strike you and your brain affecting your thought processes.
Photo by Hailey Kean 

I believe “scary darkness” originates from negative entities led by the adversary and can cause many spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical ailments. They can negatively influence anyone because they are smart and understand where to attack the brain affecting thought processes. I go into more detail about where negative entities attack and understand the mindset of negative entities in a previous blog if you would like to learn more about their mindset.

Share what I have learned on this blog

I share the things I have learned dealing with these problematic beings I had no idea existed a few years ago to help others struggling with similar problems. I have learned to authentically pray to get rid of these problematic beings who continually seek to negatively influence my son and others I love. Here is a link to the various prayers I offer on behalf of those I love. I hope you find them helpful.

Focus on light and prayer

Although negative entities exist, focusing on them or darkness does not get rid of them. The key to getting rid of dark negative entities is to focus on LIGHT through prayer and other light-filled activities.

In the following YouTube video, Bill Wiese testifies of seeing negative beings and the existence of hell, which he personally saw. Fyi, I believe hell is a state of being and can also exist wherever there is darkness, turmoil, and chaos. Wiese shares his story to help you understand the importance of avoiding darkness and to embrace the light.


In summary, some points surrounding DARKNESS mentioned in this blog post are:

  • It existed before light
  • Doctors look for dark areas and try to get rid of them as quickly as possible
  • Some psychically gifted can see dark negative spirits
  • It can be defined both as the abstinence of light and wickedness
  • A curiosity of darkness can be dangerous
  • Light gets rid of the dark


Just some food for thought to consider and ponder. What does it mean for “the mind to contemplate the darkest abyss” from the following quote?

“Because the things of God are of deep import; and time, and experience, and careful and ponderous and solemn thoughts can only find them out. Thy mind, O man! if thou wilt lead a soul unto salvation, must stretch as high as the utmost heavens, and search into and contemplate the darkest abyss, and the broad expanse of eternity-thou must commune with God.”

(TPJS p 137, March 1839)

To me, it seems to experience and to contemplate darkness is an essential part of understanding light. However, I don’t believe it is necessary or healthy to focus on darkness. In fact, I believe focusing on LIGHT is the formula to get rid of darkness.

Top Featured Photo by Camila Quintero Franco 

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