What is the Soul – Falls Outside the Mainstream

I often hear the terms spirit and soul used interchangeably. After studying and pondering about the comparison between the two, I believe they mean different things.

I often hear the terms spirit and soul used interchangeably. I have also used these two terms interchangeably throughout my life. After studying and pondering about the comparison between the two, I believe they mean different things. My answer to the question, “What is the soul” falls outside the mainstream so I would like to explain my opinion for your consideration.   

More Components

The dictionary defines the soul as:

The spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal.

Although the dictionary’s definition is the spiritual or immaterial part of living things, I present there are more components to a soul than just spiritual.

What is the Soul

The following words differentiates between the two explaining the soul consists of both the body and the spirit.

The paradise of God must deliver up the spirits of the righteous, and the grave deliver up the body of the righteous; and the spirit and the body is restored to itself again, and all men become incorruptible, and immortal, and they are living souls, having a perfect knowledge like unto us in the flesh, save it be that our knowledge shall be perfect.

2 Nephi 9:13

These words resonate as truth to my heart. I truly believe the soul is more comprehensive than just spirit.

The Mind

Let’s go one step further. I also believe there is one more important component. It stands to reason “the mind”, the thinking and communicating center, is a part of the soul too. The spirit and body would surely be incomplete without “the mind” to think and communicate.

Where is the mind located?

I wrote a previous blog explaining it is likely the mind is located in 16 inches of spiritual space between the crown chakra and the crown of the head which is a probable geographical location for the communication/thinking center because it is between the physical body and our higher-self that resides in heaven. FYI, The featured photo of this blog shows visually where the 16 inches of spiritual space is located. If you would like to read more details about this area, feel free to click on the above provided link.

More words to ponder

The following words indicate the atonement was not just for the body, not just for the spirit, not just for the mind, but for the whole soul. I can’t imagine it any other way.

The blood maketh an atonement for the soul.

Lev. 17:11.


In accordance with the content I presented, the soul consists of the body, mind, and spirit, and the atonement is in place to cover and heal all three areas.

I feel it is important to understand the difference between the spirit and the soul because this knowledge is very helpful when doing healing work.

Photo by Ahmad Odeh

Afterward – Gary Zukav

In the following video, Gary Zukav beautifully describes the soul using different vocabulary than I did in this blog post. However, Zukav’s creative description aligns with the way I view the soul. Here are a few points Zukav presents in the below video…

  • Your personality (part of the physical experience) is the little “y” of you. Your personality came into being when you were born and will die when you die.
  • On the other hand, your soul is the capital “Y” of you and existed before you were born and will continue to exist after you die.
  • The goal of life is to align your personality with your soul (higher self) that is BIG, bigger than you can imagine.

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