Microwave Radiation | Related to WiFi

There are concerns being reported that people are receiving low dose microwave radiation from wireless smart meters and cell phone towers that could be genetically damaging especially to children.

Reported effects of microwave radiation

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Life without Technology | Mental and Emotional Health

I can’t imagine life without technology.  I appreciate the many opportunities and conveniences it affords.   On the other hand, it recently came to my attention that adverse effects are increasing from overuse of technology.  Like most things, moderation is a necessary ingredient to keep balance.  Researchers are documenting our society is spending too much time on computers and cell phones throwing us out of balance which is negatively affecting our emotional, mental and physical well-being.

Life without Technology

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Bless Everything | Related I Love You

In the past few months, I have heard from a couple of different sources that “to bless everything” really makes a positive difference.  So a couple of months ago, I decided to try out “blessing everything”.

Bless Everything

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Is Food Necessary for Scripture Group

My husband and I are in a scripture group we enjoy participating in.  Sometimes as I attend these group meetings, I feel spiritually fed and on occasion, even to the point of a spiritual feast.  However, quite often I have left disappointed.  Too often we allow the distractions of the world to intercept and steal what could have been a possible spiritual feast.  This led me to ask myself the question, “Is food necessary for scripture group?”

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Effects Watching Pornography | Mental Disorders

There are some recent studies strongly indicating the effects of watching pornography can be related to mental disorders.  The large majority of health care providers are not trained to ask patients questions about the amount of time spent on high-speed internet viewing pornography if they are plagued with any of the following common mental disorders:

  • ADHD
  • Social Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Concentration Problems
  • Performance Anxiety
  • OCD

These common mental disorders could be related to an addiction called “arousal addiction”.

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Children of Incarcerated Parents | The Effects

Due to the research I did on the criminal justice system, related YouTube videos are being generated as options for me to view.  I couldn’t help but notice the statistics of children of incarcerated parents.  This subject isn’t a favorite subject to address, but I feel it is important for people to clearly understand the consequences of incarcerating parents.

Mass Incarceration

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Celebrating Uniqueness | Live Outside the Box

Although I have been married for 38 years, my husband shared a sweet grade school story I had never heard before.  I loved his story of celebrating uniqueness and the satisfaction that can come from living outside the box.

Coloring Santa Claus

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Helping Rather than Condemning | Tough on Crime Failed

I know quite a few of my readers are not from the United States.  I have not studied other countries criminal justice systems but I do hope your countries are doing better than the United States.   The US has a financial and safety crisis because of the “Get Tough on Crime” campaign.  My studies support in order to achieve safer communities, the key is helping rather than condemning offenders.   Although when helping offenders, accountability must not be discounted.

Helping Rather than Condemning

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Meditation of the Day | Excellent Guided Meditation by Joe Dispenza

Presently, my favorite meditation of the day when meditating for myself is a guided meditation inspired by Joe Dispenza.  I like to choose meditations that elevate emotion because my goal is to have a clear intention with an elevated emotion so my subconscious mind receives a clear signal of my intentions so it can do its job properly.

Prior to Meditation of the Day

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Effective Meditation | Techniques and Ideas

I first began to meditate in 2015.  I spent 30 to 60 minutes in meditation each day for about a year, but there weren’t enough noticeable changes so I lost interest and quit.  A bit ago, I was given some new effective meditation techniques that are promoting wonderful sensations within my body.   My recent positive meditation experiences have created a deep desire within me to meditate each day.

Effective Meditation Techniques

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