If you walk into a place and suddenly feel irritable, angry, or afraid, etc., this could be a sign there are open Satanic portals.  If you notice a dramatic change in temperature such as really cold or hot in a room, when the rest of the home is a normal temperature, could be another sign of open Satanic portals.  

Satanic Portals | Guide to Get Rid of Dark Portals

A portal is a doorway, a gate, or some type of entrance to allow someone or something to move from one place to another freely. Some doorways are small, and some are large enough for people to move through. There are entranceways of light, and on the opposite side, there are dark ones.   

This blog post includes guidelines on how to close demonic portals and is also applicable to the closure of all types of dark entranceways.

Increased Number

Demonic gateways have increased in the past few years. Participation in certain types of media, especially pornography, Satanic ritual, fighting, and contention, is why demonic portals have increased.  

Common locations

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