Formula for Prayer – From Desire to Faith

Lately, I have spent more time learning how to do makeup than I have studying the scriptures. This week I noticed I was less patient, empathetic and kind. My edgy disposition was a sign I needed to spend more time on my spirituality. As I sat down to focus on spiritual matters, I rediscovered scriptures I have read numerous times that made an impression upon my mind. I found myself being retaught a formula for prayer that I found to be effective in the past. Since I did not continue to employ this formula, now is a new opportunity to make this formula for prayer a habit.

Help from the scriptures

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The Book of Mormon is for Everyone – Sharing Truth

I am no longer a Mormon (click if you desire to read why I left my lifetime religion of Mormonism) but I continue to believe in the scriptures of the Book of Mormon (BoM). I know this sounds incongruent but I explain how this is possible in a previous blog.  These scriptures have blessed my life and I believe they have the potential to bless anyone’s life who care to study this book’s pages.  The Book of Mormon is for everyone, not just Mormons if they desire to learn more about Christ.

Sharing truths with one another

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