Cannabis and psychosis | Harmless or Risky

Is there a relationship between Cannabis and psychosis?  After thoroughly researching Cannabis, my son, Darrell, decided it was safe to use.  My recent studies also indicate the majority of people are not adversely affected by Cannabis.  However, there is a population sector whose brains respond to Cannabis with psychotic episodes.

Cannabis and psychosis – Risks

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No Brain | Physical Body and Brain Changes

After exiting the physical body into the spirit realm, Reverend Benson and those in the spirit world discover the wonderful freedom afforded without the limitations of the physical brain.   To live with no brain to limit or hamper one’s being in the spirit world is a wonderful and beautiful experience.  Desired abilities are attained with ease when thoughts do not need to be processed through a brain.   

It must be understood that the mind of the incarnate is limited in its range of action by the physical brain.  In the spirit world, we have no physical brain to hamper us. Pg 127, The World Unseen, Anthony Borgia

Impossible to live more than a short period of time with no brain

While existing with no brain is a freeing and exhilarating existence in the spirit world, we all know it is impossible to live more than a short period of time with no brain in a physical body while incarnate.  While it is possible to live with brain disorders, there are descriptions describing the “hellish” difficulties while living in a physical body with a brain that does not function properly.

Patricia’s describes living with Schizophrenia

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