Fractured Spirit Story – True Personal Experience

Today, I woke up knowing it was the time to tell about an experience with the hope that sharing this story will help others who are struggling with similar difficulties.  Our son, Darrell, was not living at home but we could tell he was struggling and his ability to make decisions had dwindled.  We were concerned.  We were on the verge of learning first-hand what a fractured spirit (aka a fragmented soul) was, and the problems it can cause.

Suicide attempts
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Mother to Mother | Pain of Psychosis Suicide

I received a special gift to visit, mother to mother, with another mother who understands caring for a child with a mental disorder.  I had a beautiful conversation about Amanda, the daughter of my friend, Jane.  I felt like Jane understood that I would understand what occurred in Amanda’s life because of my experiences caring for my son Darrell who is plagued with Bipolar II disorder.

Visiting Mother to Mother – Amanda’s story

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Signs of Mental Healing – Update about My Son

I thought it would be beneficial to some of you to share an update about my son since I began meditating for him.  My son is experiencing what I consider some  “signs of mental healing”.  These signs are incentivizing me to stay consistent.

Update about my son

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