Now it was apparent, darkness was necessary to gain more intelligence. Thus, you learn the role of dark beings is part of God's plan of progression.

Role of Dark Beings- Negative Entities| A Plan to Progress

In the pre-existence, you lived with God, who is pure light. You desired to emulate God. To become more Godlike, you needed to gain more intelligence. This meant you had arrived at a point you wanted to leave the “so-called classroom with God as your teacher” to venture out to participate in “a so-called on-the-job first-hand experience” to further your goal to increase intelligence. To fully understand light, you needed to experience darkness that you could not do in the presence of God, who is pure light. So, to further progress, you chose to leave God’s presence for a time. To better understand the good and the positive you enjoyed while in God’s presence, you also needed to experience opposition, the bad, and negativity. Now it was apparent darkness was necessary to gain more intelligence. Thus, you learned the role of dark beings is part of God’s plan of progression.

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Let's explore three different true-life experiences related to illness in an effort to further understand why people get sick.

Why People Get Sick – Unique Documentation

I was a bit taken back when, Julie, an associate stated that those with sick minds or spirits, referring to those with mental illnesses, are sick mainly because of poor choices. I didn’t immediately know how to respond to her belief, but the first chance I got, I wrote this blog post to present unique documentation on why people get sick.

Why people get sick

It is given that everyone experiences sickness. It is also a given that it is impossible to identify all the reasons why people get sick. However, it may be possible to determine poor choices that were made leading to illness. And on the other hand, it may also be possible to identify “no-fault” reasons associated with sickness.

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