Pet Rabbit Emotional Support for Severe Depression with psychosis. Our son lives with psychosis suicidal thoughts.  Pepper, his pet rabbit, brings comfort and love to Darrell lessening the effects of living with a mental disorder.

Pet Rabbit Emotional Support | Pets Change Lives

It has been a special privilege to witness a pet rabbit giving emotional support and love to our son, Darrell, who is enduring difficult challenges. As a parent, I often feel helpless as I watch my son endure isolation and loneliness.  I am coming to understand when someone is struggling emotionally and mentally, there are difficult obstacles to overcome that hinder healthy communication flow.   We have accidentally discovered a special pet can break through barriers people, even professionals, are not successful in breaking through. Meet Pepper, Darrell’s pet rabbit.

A pet rabbit emotional support is changing our son's life while a dog has and is changing another boy's life.  I am grateful for pets and the important role they play in spreading unconditional love and support, especially during difficult, dark times.
Pepper enjoys stretching out in a relaxing position.

Pet Rabbit Emotional Support for Severe Depression

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