These notes reside in a musical organ called the human heart.   That is correct, a musically healthy heart has eight musical notes.  In other words, a full octave.

Musical Notes of the Heart | Not Notes of a Song

A friend introduced my husband and me to the concept of “musical notes of the heart” that reside in the human heart. A loving heart has eight musical notes, a full octave.  On the other hand, the human heart can have as few as zero musical notes.

Musical notes of the heart

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There are people who use crystals, mantras, and therapies as demon removal tools.  I had the incentive to study dark energies including demons because my son was plagued by various dark energies.

Demon Removal – Personal Experience – Prayer Included

What is a demon?  There are different definitions but I define demons as creations of Satan with the ultimate goal to replace light with darkness through deception.  So what tools can be used for demon removal?

Demon removal tools

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