Ability to Communicate Shutdown- Praying Instead Talking

I have spent hours striving to communicate with my son, Darrell, who lives with Bipolar II disorder because I didn’t understand at times Darrell’s ability to communicate was shutdown. Numerous times I thought I was successful in helping Darrell understand a concept, only to discover a short time later he didn’t grasp what I was trying to convey.

Ability to Communicate Shutdown

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Fear of Entities – Nothing to Fear – They Actually Fear You

I was teaching a lady how to say a few different effective healing prayers, but they weren’t working. As I pondered about why the negative entities weren’t responding to her healing prayers, I realized her fear of entities was blocking the necessary flow of light to get rid of the negative entities plaguing her.

Light is Key!

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More Healing Signs – Update about My Son

I have noticed more healing signs in the past few months indicating that my son’s symptoms of Bipolar II Disorder are diminishing.

NAMI class

A year ago this month, after a two-year adjustment to the news that my son, Darrell, had a mental disorder, I signed up to take a NAMI class (National Alliance on Mental Illness).

I don’t feel settled

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Demon Removal – Personal Experience – Prayer Included

What is a demon?  There are different definitions but I define demons as creations of Satan with the ultimate goal to replace light with darkness through deception.  So what tools can be used for demon removal?

Demon removal tools

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