Breaking Curses | Spiritual Warfare Prayers

I would like to share guidance for breaking curses with spiritual warfare prayers.  Often when dark entities attack us, the purpose of their attack is to place curses, hexes, spells, dark bonds, cords (connects a person to dark entities to control them), tags (imprints with dark programming placed in or around a person to sneakily program one to do what a negative entity or a foreigner (one from another existence wants.  This is why it is so important to learn to command dark entities to go to the light of God. I use the title “God”, but specific titles may be used in the place of the general term of God.

Dark entities also know how to create dark energetic weapons such as swords, knives, and other various types of devices, and shunts designed to control and destroy.

Kinesiology or Muscle Testing

Before breaking curses with spiritual warfare prayers, check to see if dark programming and devices are causing problems by using muscle testing or kinesiology and pendulums.  Click on the link if you would like to learn more about these helpful tools.

Breaking Curses with Spiritual Warfare Prayers
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Prayer for Protection Against Evil – Evil From Different Creations

Some evil entities often referred to as aliens do not respond to the creator of the earth where we reside.   It is my understanding since aliens or foreigners belong to a different creation or a different realm, they do not respond to this existence’s creator.  In other words, whatever name you call and believe to be the creator of this earth and galaxy, aliens will not respond to any command using titles referring to the creator of this earth existence where we reside. This means a prayer for protection against evil from a different creation needs to include a special approach to be effective.

Prayer for protection against evil in the name of the Father

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