Heartfelt Prayer – Effective thru Focused Increased Emotion

This past week, I was again reminded that prayer is only effective if I am offering a heartfelt prayer. In other words, effective prayer is heartfelt prayer. This type of prayer requires focus with an increase in emotion.

What is a heartfelt prayer?

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Spiritual Energy Healing | Long Distance Healing

I think the techniques a person chooses to use to practice spiritual energy healing is unique to one’s beliefs and personality.  I don’t think there is a right or wrong way to perform spiritual energy healing.  I think everyone would agree if healing is achieved when practicing spiritual energy healing, it doesn’t matter what method was used.

Prior to using this spiritual energy healing technique

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Meditation for my Son | Light and Love for the Brain

As I have continued to search for knowledge to help my son, Darrell, heal from a severe depressive disorder with some psychosis, I have been moved upon to meditate for him.  I desire to share this meditation for my son that has formulated in my mind and heart.

Drawn to an image of a healthy brain

Often when I can’t fall to sleep, I watch a YouTube video.  When I get tired, I close my laptop lid without closing out of YouTube.  I followed my normal YouTube routine, and the next morning, when I opened the lid, there was a video about the brain loading on my computer screen.  I paid attention because I sensed the video was sent through heavenly means.  I was most drawn to an image of a healthy brain as I viewed this video.  I didn’t know why at that time, but when I began to meditate for my son, I knew I needed to envision that healthy brain shape which looks similar to the image below.

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