Formula for Prayer – From Desire to Faith

Lately, I have spent more time learning how to do makeup than I have studying the scriptures. This week I noticed I was less patient, empathetic and kind. My edgy disposition was a sign I needed to spend more time on my spirituality. As I sat down to focus on spiritual matters, I rediscovered scriptures I have read numerous times that made an impression upon my mind. I found myself being retaught a formula for prayer that I found to be effective in the past. Since I did not continue to employ this formula, now is a new opportunity to make this formula for prayer a habit.

Help from the scriptures

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Self-Energy Work on the Brain | My Method

I think it is important to practice self-energy work on the brain because a high percentage, probably even 100%, of what happens in our body involves the brain.   Following is my method of self-energy work on the brain.

Prior preparation steps 

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