This is when I first began to consider how smart dark evil spirits can be using satanic devices and weapons.

Satanic Devices – An Awful Metallic Taste

A few years ago, I had never heard of Satanic devices or weapons.  Now I have personally witnessed both numerous times.  Today, I realize it is quite likely my family has experienced both in the past unknowingly.  If you lack energy, often get cold, or are sickly, you could possibly be inflicted by Satanic devices or weapons.

Strange movements and symptoms

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Pray to Remove Dark Entities. I have learned the first thing to do when a loved one feels angry, contentious, anxiety, depressed, or other sicknesses is to pray to remove dark entities. I believe depression along with all types of mental disorders can be interrelated to the invasion of dark or negative entities.

Pray to Remove Dark Entities | Entity Attachment Removal

Entity Attachment Removal

I have a friend who studied the New Testament to further his knowledge about healings in Biblical times.  He discovered that exactly half, 28 out of 56, were healed of their physical or mental illnesses by getting rid of dark entities (New Testament term is “casting out”). You can also learn prayers to rid of bad spirits so you can experience healing too. 

Sickness – Prayers to Remove Negative Energies

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