When a spirit fractures, a prayer to heal a fractured spirit can be offered to reunite a spirit back together.

Prayer to Heal Fractured Spirit – Reunite Fragmented Spirit

A prayer to heal a fractured spirit can be offered to reunite a fractured aka a fragmented spirit. To protect your spirit body, God made it with the ability for spirit fragments to break away when burdens of darkness become greater than the strength to endure.

When a fragment of your spirit departs from the core spirit for a “so-called” vacation from stress, abuse, trauma, etc., the portion of your spirit that fragmented is seeking to escape burdens of darkness looking for relief. Allowing your spirit to fragment is one of God’s methods of preserving life.

How can I tell if I have a fractured spirit or if my loved one has a fractured spirit?

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In other words, if it is negative, it could be one of the signs of dark entities.

Signs Dark Entities | Includes Signs of Demons

Dark entities are more common than you may think.  I get them, and all those I love get them too. In fact, the majority of people, if not all people, get them. The lowest realm of the spirit world, where the most demonic spirits reside (sometimes referred to as the “spirit prison”), merges with the earth’s surface. Therefore, they live close to humankind, so it is easy for them to afflict people. If you would like to know more about the “World of Spirits”,  I addressed this subject further in a previous blog. So, what are some signs of dark entities and demons?

Signs of Negative Dark Spirits

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