Olanzapine Weight Gain or Aripiprazole Bipolar Medicine

My son, Darrell, started taking the bipolar medicine, olanzapine, the generic of Zyprexa about three months ago.  Olanzapine does a wonderful job slowing down Darrell’s thoughts and reducing anxiety.  Additionally, his ability to connect with other people has improved.   On the other hand, have you heard of the “olanzapine weight gain”?

Olanzapine weight gain

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Mother to Mother | Pain of Psychosis Suicide

I received a special gift to visit, mother to mother, with another mother who understands caring for a child with a mental disorder.  I had a beautiful conversation about Amanda, the daughter of my friend, Jane.  I felt like Jane understood that I would understand what occurred in Amanda’s life because of my experiences caring for my son Darrell who is plagued with Bipolar II disorder.

Visiting Mother to Mother – Amanda’s story

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