Soul Fragmentation – Negative Fragments – Prayer Included

When speaking about soul fragmentation, this subject is generally addressed from the point of view that fragments of your spirit can separate from your core spirit usually because of trauma or some type of high stress. However, there is another important aspect of soul fragmentation that is overlooked that I would like to present.

Soul Fragmentation and Negative Spirit Fragments

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Breaking Curses | Spiritual Warfare Prayer

In this blog post, I share guidance for breaking curses with spiritual warfare prayer using words and phrases that are effective and powerful.

Dark Entity Intentions

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Prayer for Protection Against Evil – Evil From Different Creations

Some evil entities often referred to as aliens do not respond to the power of the creator of the earth where we reside.   It is my understanding since aliens or foreigners belong to a different creation or a different realm, they respond to the power of Heavenly Father who has jurisdiction over many creations.  This means a prayer for protection against evil from a different creation needs to be approached a little differently.

Prayer for protection against evil in the name of the Father

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