Spiritual Energy Healing | Long Distance Healing

I think we would all agree if complete healing is achieved when practicing spiritual energy healing, it doesn't matter what method of healing was used.

I think the techniques a person chooses to use to practice spiritual energy healing is unique to one’s beliefs and personality.  I don’t think there is a right or wrong way to perform spiritual energy healing.  I think everyone would agree if healing is achieved when practicing spiritual energy healing, it doesn’t matter what method was used.

Prior to using this spiritual energy healing technique

If possible, I privately do the following prior to using this spiritual energy healing technique.

  1. I make sure no dark entities are plaguing the individual I am working on (See link on how to deal with dark entities)
  2. Then I shield this individual with light.  (See link on how to shield)
  3. Then I say a short prayer of gratitude similar to the one below.
  • Thank you for the healing knowledge you have blessed me with
  • Thank you for the opportunity to serve others
  • Thank you for helping me focus
  • Thank you for blessing (name of individual) with improved health
  • Thank you for your grace and mercy

I like to express thanks because showing gratitude is as if a blessing of healing has already happened.

Three Choices

  1. I ask my loved one or client to put their left hand over their heart which tells their body they are looking inward.  Also, touching the heart area of the body is a reminder we are all connected heart to heart.  I also believe the heart is our connection to heaven.
  2. I ask my loved one or client to slow their breathing to a steady rhythmic breath, in through the nose and out through the mouth about 8 times. Breathing slower helps the person to begin to relax.
  3. If they enjoy soft music, I play soft Reiki type music.  Below is a link to some of my Reiki music favorites.

Relaxing Reiki Meditation Music

Spiritual Energy Healing Technique

I envisioned the technique I am presenting in this blog after I learned the heart is 100 times more powerful electrically and up to 5,000 times more powerful magnetically than the brain.

I imagine purple, green, and white (healing colors) light as wide as the United States entering the heart chakra in the shape of a triangle moving up to the throat, brow, and crown chakras then the light moves down the whole right side of the body entering through the right foot into the earth returning back up through the left foot to return to the heart chakra where the energy entered the body.  This same energy pathway is repeated as darkness is chased out the top of the head and through the bottom of the feet continually filling the body with purple, green and white light as depicted in the top featured photo.  Sometimes I say, “In with love out with fear” or “In with the good out with the bad” or “In with light out with darkness”.


If you react similarly to me during this meditaion, positive emotion is increased confirming the heart is more than an organ that pumps blood.

Long Distance Healing

Everything presented in this blog post can be accomplished from a distance if you do not live close to your loved one or client. 

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