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We had a personal experience that will be helpful to those seeking shaman skills to perform a soul healing.

In this blog post, I am sharing a personal soul healing experience.  Reading this story may be helpful to those seeking skills to perform a soul healing.

Something was very wrong

My son, Darrell, didn’t want to go to an appointment my husband and I felt was important to attend so we strongly encouraged him to go.  I could tell something was seriously wrong as Darrell and I climbed into the car to drive to his appointment.  He was extremely agitated and very edgy.  I could sense I shouldn’t talk to him.  In fact, I decided to ride in the back seat so I could secretly text our energy worker the adverse symptoms Darrell was experiencing.

Used a blanket to stay out of sight

Darrell was driving about 75 to 80 mph which was about 5 mph over the speed limit, and he was saying foul things to drivers around him.  That “mother f…….r”, “ya b…….ch”, etc.  I knew things were really bad when he pulled to the side of the road and picked up a fairly good-sized rock and began to bang the side of his car with the rock numerous times screaming obscenities as he massacred the paint on one area of his car.  I laid down in the back seat and covered myself with a blanket feeling it was best to stay out of sight.

Text from energy worker

I looked at the text that came through from Darrell’s energy worker.

“He is swarming with demons and other dark entities.  There are too many for me to remove without someone helping me.  Do not talk to him or look at him.  It is the assignment of the entities to stop Darrell from completing his life mission.”

We had been told this same thing by two other energy workers so it didn’t shock me, additionally, Darrell had been suicidal for six months.   However, I knew the situation had heightened to a higher level of seriousness.

Trust in God

I immediately prayed with great fervor.  I let God know I was putting the whole situation in His hands.  Darrell wouldn’t allow me to drive and I knew better than to argue.  However, I also knew the car was being driven by a group of dark entities who were invading my son’s physical body and who had no regard for life.  I knew there wasn’t anything I could do but to trust God.  The moment I decided to put my complete trust in God, I felt peace.  I wasn’t afraid any longer.


When we arrived at the appointment, Darrell took off walking somewhere which gave me time to privately ask for help to get him to a hospital.

The lady helping me lied to Darrell telling him he needed to have some blood work done at the hospital.  He was suspicious but thankfully, he complied.  We went to the nearest hospital emergency room which was less than 1/4 of a mile away.  Darrell paced back and forth in the waiting room as I answered the hospital admission’s questions.

Waiting for the doctor
Soul healing - We went to the nearest hospital emergency room which was less than 1/4 of a mile away.  Darrell paced back and forth in the waiting room .
Photo by Samuel Scalzo

They immediately assigned us to a room so we could wait in a contained area while we waited for the doctor.  While waiting, Darrell began crying and then his crying heightened to horrible wailing.  When he looked at me, I noticed his pupils were huge and that his face was a strange, distorted shape.  He began to call me horrible names as he glared at me and said,  “You cunt!  You are a despicable mother and you should not even be called a mother.  You are a betrayer and I hate your guts.”  After he shot continual obscenities at me for several minutes, he called me a b…….ch and told me to get out.  I left the room immediately hiding that I was sobbing.

Overcome with grief and sadness

Where had my kind-hearted son disappeared to? After I received word that the doctor was going to admit him, I left because he seemed to be more angry and hostile around me.

I was a wreck.  I cried and cried.  When I arrived home, I fell to the floor and was overcome with grief.  I could not be consoled.  I was bedridden for a week because I was so overcome with sorrow, sadness, and grief.

86% of his spirit was fractured – Needed a Soul Healing

After Darrell had been in the hospital for 9 days, our new friend that God had brought into our lives, telephoned.  He said he checked on Darrell and discovered 86% of his spirit had left his body, which meant only 14% of our son’s spirit was being housed in his physical body.  This made sense.  With the majority of his spirit gone, it left lots of open space in his physical body for many demons and other dark entities to invade Darrell.  If I hadn’t been so overwhelmed with the situation, I could have determined what had happened myself.  Darrell needed a soul healing.

Soul healing

Our friend said there were so many entities he couldn’t count them, but figured there were over a hundred.  He helped me clear out the demons and other dark entities, and perform a soul healing which means putting Darrell’s fractured spirit back together.  I wrote another blog that tells how to say a prayer to heal a soul or a fractured spirit if you would like to take a look at a sample soul healing prayer.


After the entities left and Darrell’s spirit was healed, the obscene language stopped and the negative behaviors fell to a manageable level.  It was a very welcome and needed miracle!  We thanked God once again for his mercy.

We were able to pick him up from the hospital the next day.  Gratitude to God!

Top Featured Photo by Christian Fregnan

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