Soul Fragmentation – Negative Fragments – Prayer Included

It is logical soul fragmentation does not promote the continuation of uncorrupted souls because mixing negative soul fragments with healthy souls results in the spread of negativity.

When speaking about soul fragmentation, this subject is generally addressed from the point of view that fragments of your spirit can separate from your core spirit usually because of trauma or some type of high stress. However, there is another important aspect of soul fragmentation that is overlooked that I would like to present.

Soul Fragmentation and Negative Spirit Fragments

The majority of people refer to fragmentation as soul fragmentation, but personally, I prefer the term “spirit fragment”. Because I feel more at home with the term “spirit” over “soul” in this particular context, I will refer to both as I present this subject matter.

Soul fragmentation can occur when negative beings or *alien negative beings, knowingly or unknowingly, leave a small fragment of their spirit when pronouncing a curse upon a victim. This small spirit fragment also has a small streamer of spirit energy connecting the negative being (who pronounced the curse) to their victim enabling increased ability to negatively influence their victim through this invisible attachment.

Soul Space

When a fragment of a negative being invades another person’s spirit, there is usually “spirit” space because a portion of the person’s spirit had already fragmented or fractured because their burdens were greater than their ability to cope. I share more about a fractured spirit and a healing prayer for this problem in a previous blog if you would like to read it, you may click on the provided link.

However, if there wasn’t enough space within the victim’s spirit for the invading fragment to fit, the victim knowingly or unknowingly may allow a small portion of their spirit to go elsewhere in order to make room for the negative invading spirit fragment. As you can see, a chaotic chain of unplanned movement can happen when spirit fragments go where they do not belong causing various unpleasantries.

Spread of Negativity

Mixing even small fragments of more than one spirit interferes with proper “spirit” function which can cause negative physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental issues.

It is logical soul fragmentation does not promote the continuation of uncorrupted spirits because mixing negative spirit fragments with healthy spirits results in the spread of negativity. Small physical or mental problems can begin to appear that can lead to more advanced problems if not stopped. You may be asking yourself if the problem of invading, unwanted negative spirit fragments can be remedied. The answer is yes; this problem can be solved by offering a short healing prayer.

Healing Prayer for Negative Spirit Fragments

Here is a sample healing prayer for negative spirit fragments.

Soul Fragmention - Alien/Foreign Fragments - Prayer

By the power of Jesus Christ (or the title you refer to as God), I command all spirit fragments that do not belong to ______________(Name of person) to immediately return to the creation of your original spirit. Thank you.

The words of this healing prayer can be changed to fit you as long as it doesn’t change the meaning of the prayer.  It is also important when offering healing prayers to express the words with heartfelt emotion. To learn more about heartfelt emotion, see my blog titled, “Heartfelt Prayer – Effective through Focused Increased Emotion”.


I wanted to alert others about negative spirit fragments that can become residents where they do not belong causing unnecessary problems.

I also desired to share an example healing prayer that can get rid of unwanted negative spirit fragments stopping the ill effects of soul fragmentation. This healing prayer has blessed others so I know it can bless you too.


*If you would like to learn more about aliens, see my previous blog titled, For “Alien Entity Removal -Very Difficult Negative Entities”.

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