Desperate! – 3 Simple Steps to Remove Negative Entities

I have had several people reach out to me feeling alone, misunderstood, and desperate fighting the battle to remove negative entities so I am writing a blog to address how to approach the removal of negative entities with urgency.

I have had several people reach out to me feeling alone, misunderstood, and desperate, fighting the battle against negative entities, so I am writing a blog to share 3 simple steps to remove evil spirits with urgency.

The majority lack knowledge

It is common to feel alone while battling against evil beings because most people have incorrect or no knowledge about them. This blog post will broaden your knowledge about these hostile beings and how to remove them.

When sick, it is instinctual to reach out to close family and friends for support and help. So, what are you supposed to do when close family and friends don’t understand that negative entities are real and can cause sickness, afflictions, and problems?

Opportunity to depend on God

It is an opportunity to depend on God, who understands all difficulties. It is a chance to learn to communicate with God more effectively.

Three simple steps

I have witnessed the healing these three prayers afford the afflicted hundreds of times.  These prayers can also bless and heal your loved ones who are dealing with negative entities.
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To jump-start getting rid of these dark beings, I recommend immediately making it a priority to say the following in the order presented morning, noon, and night.

Remember, prayer does not need to be lengthy and wordy to be effective. When I started to remove negative spirits, I repeated long, and time-consuming word phrases, which I discovered were unnecessary.

First Simple Step – Prayer Against Evil Spirits

Firstly, I suggest memorizing word phrases to remove evil spirits. During times of entity affliction, it is best to pray morning, noon, and night. Following is a sample of what I say:

By the power of Jesus Christ (or the title you refer to as God or in some cases pray in the name of Father in Heaven– see link for more details), I command all negative entities in and around and pointing at (the name of the person, place and/or thing)_______ to go to the light of Christ (or the title you refer to as God) never to return to the named people, places and things. Thank you.

When you get comfortable repeating this prayer against evil, I encourage you to change the words, so they feel more like your own while being careful not to change the meaning of what you are requesting. However, uttering it word for word with increased emotion and focus is effective too.

Second Simple Step – Close Dark Portals

Secondly, I encourage you to memorize how to close dark portals. Each time you remove evil spirits, you need to close the dark portals in and around those you serve for further protection.

Dark spirits enter people, places, and things through dark portals they build to move from place to place. Portals are doors, gates, or an entranceway, so they must be closed and sealed to stop their access.

The following is a short example of closing dark spiritual entranceways:

By the Power of Jesus Christ (or whatever title you refer to as God), I command all types of dark portals in and around _____________ (the name of the person, place, and/or thing) to be filled with God’s light dismantling, closing, and sealing these portals forever. Thank you.

If you want to learn more about dark spiritual doorways, here is a link to a previous blog, “Satanic Portals | Guide to Get Rid of Dark Portals”.

The portal closure prayer must be repeated because entities know how to rebuild spirit entranceways quickly.

Third Simple Step – Prayer for Protection from Evil

The third step is to say a prayer of protection. After getting rid of dark beings, protecting whoever you are working on is crucial. Following is a short sample “spiritual shield of protection” I use daily:

By the Power of Jesus Christ (or whatever title you refer to as God), shield (the name of the person, place, and/or thing)___________with a perfect shield of protection magnified 200 times or more. Thank you.


All fear-based emotions break down spiritual shields of protection. Since most people battle fear-based emotions, it is necessary to repeat these word phrases for protection from evil. If you want to learn more about replacing fear-based emotions with love-based emotions, here is a link to my blog, “Fear-Based to Love-Based”.

Repeat the three simple steps

Negative spirits work in groups, so there is a high probability when getting rid of them, more will come, especially if you are a sought-after target. Since more usually comes soon after an entity removal, it is necessary to repeat these three prayers often.

Conclusion – Bless

Struggling with dark spirits is an opportunity for all to recognize our reliance upon powers greater than our own. To tap into powers greater than man’s, ask for help against these hostile beings. When you connect to God, you will recognize you have tapped into a unique power grid that can open the way to miracles.

I have witnessed hundreds of times that these three steps: to remove entities, to close portals, and to shield, result in welcome relief against dark beings. Employing them can also bless you and your loved ones.


If you urgently need help to remove negative entities, try these simple steps.
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If you need more help with negative entities, I suggest educating yourself about the following additional materials associated with entity removal.  

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  1. Thank you very much! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article it is written how I would write. You explain every detail and re explain important things. It’s done very well, I am so pleased I found help like in your article. God bless you, thank you!

  2. My guides don’t let me sleep past 1:30am until daybreak anymore, so I use that time to write and Meditate. I’ve seen the portals and even astral traveled through one. I’m not…I wish this wasn’t the way things were going in my life, but I actually feel great about being awake when everyone else is asleep. Your blog and prayers have been helpful. Thank you for the work you do.

  3. I am so happy to have come across your web-site. Each and every night, I pray to Jesus to be protected against the negative entities that seem to have found me. I think I am a very spiritual person and say spontaneous prayers often during the day and even during the night if I am awake and cannot sleep. It seems that I just cannot get rid of them. I am not afraid of them but would surely like to have them gone. They also scare my little dog and sometimes he comes to me and is just shaking furiously.

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