Signs of Mental Healing – Update about My Son

My son has experienced what I consider signs of mental healing incentivizing me to stay consistent.

I thought it would be beneficial to some of you to share an update about my son since I began meditating for him.  My son is experiencing what I consider some  “signs of mental healing”.  These signs are incentivizing me to stay consistent.

Update about my son

About ten days after I began meditating for my son, he threw up.   Another two weeks passed and he threw up again.  About twelve days later he threw up again.  Each time he threw up, I felt like his “throwing up” reactions were more violent than usual.  I did some research to find if “throwing up” could be related to recovery from severe depression.P

Possible Mental Healing Signs

I found a couple of opinions. If a person has been dealing with a lot of depression (darkness), “throwing up” is a release to expel dark residue that is foreign to the body (one person mentioned this residue is “dark entity” poisons).  Since this is an unproven opinion, you will have to decide if this is true.  Personally, I think it is likely to be true.  Fyi, my son didn’t throw up again after the third time.

About a week or possibly five days after the last time he threw up, he began to sleep 14 to 20 hours per day.  He slept like this for about four weeks.  I have never seen a person sleep for 20 out of 24 hours but he did several days throughout the month.  After he basically hibernated for a month, he resumed a normal sleeping schedule.  I think these are likely signs of mental healing.

More signs of mental healing

We have noticed more signs of mental healing in the following areas:

  • Psychotic episodes have been non-existent for five months which we feel hopeful about.
  • We are also very grateful he rarely has suicidal thoughts since the psychosis stopped.
  • He is going to grocery stores and restaurants without having anxiety attacks even though he is not taking any anti-anxiety medication.
Signs of mental healing - He is going to grocery stores and restaurants without having anxiety attacks. 
Photo by Redd Angelo
  • His focus has improved.  He is able to focus through a couple of movies or a full football game.  A year ago, he could not watch either of the aforementioned for more than 5 or 10 minutes.
  • The doctor prescribed him a new medication he is taking willingly.  Changing medication has been a difficult hurdle for him to face so this is a triumph.

Continued Challenges

He still has some continued mental challenges.

  • He still has some incoherent (scrambled) thoughts and often has difficulty connecting with people although he is functioning much better in public.
  • He continues to find it difficult to read books.  We have tried a variety of subjects but we have not had any luck finding a subject that holds his attention yet.
  • He has experienced some mania (highs) so his diagnosis has been changed from severe depression with some psychosis to Bipolar II.  He continues to take Prozac for depression but he also now takes olanzapine to control the bipolar disorder.


He has been on Prozac for a couple of years with the exception of when he decided to go completely off his medications.

In the past, he has only experienced depression, but more recently he has experienced some mania symptoms ( e.g. taking financial risks by spending money he doesn’t have).  He put $500 on his credit card to purchase an Xbox, games, and a small TV, but he doesn’t have the money to pay for these items.  This type of behavior is completely out of character for him.  He is usually very wise and thrifty with his money.


You can become too high and elated when taking higher doses of Prozac (depression medicine) WITHOUT bipolar medication which Darrell was doing for a few months.  The mania disappeared as soon as Darrell began taking bipolar medication in addition to his depression medication.

Top Featured Photo by Derek Thomson

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