Signs Dark Entities | Includes Signs of Demons

In other words, if it is negative, it could be one of the signs of dark entities.

All dark entities and demons are more common than you may think.  I get them and all those I love get them too.   In fact, the majority of people if not all people get them.  The lowest realm of the spirit world, where the most negative spirits reside, (sometimes referred to as the “spirit prison”) merges with the earth’s surface.  If you would like to know more about the “World of Spirits”,  I address this subject further in a previous blog.  So, what are some signs of dark entities and demons?

Signs of dark entities and demons

There are many signs of dark entities and demons.  Let’s begin with common or ordinary signs you would not think are a result of demons and dark entities being present.

Argumentative – quarrelsome – agitated – cranky – contentious

If you notice someone being chronically argumentative or agitated, it is likely they have at least one demon or another type of dark entity.  Negative emotions can be alleviated by the removal of dark entities.


Believe it or not, sickness can be caused by demons and other types of dark entities.  I mention this in my psychosis theory.

A friend and her husband told me when their granddaughter was very ill in the hospital they would stop to say a demon healing prayer each time their granddaughter’s fever spiked and then re-shield her.  They did this about every hour for ten days.   When her fever finally broke, she was able to leave the hospital the next day.

More signs of dark entities and demons include:

  • Isolate themselves from other people – Demons and other types of dark entities love to get a person isolated from other people so they can gain more control over their thoughts and minds.
  • Have few or no friends.  Reject even close friends and family.
  • Defensive and blame others.  They do not want to take responsibility for their mistakes.
  • Very critical of others
  • Sit around doing nothing
  • Sleeps a lot
  • Cannot focus for long periods of time
  • Jealous of other’s successes
  • Often angry
  • Frequent sessions of crying to the point of wailing
  • Refusal to talk about things
  • Gets mad and quit jobs

Don’t discount someone who says they have a demon

If someone tells you they have a demon, don’t discount what they are saying.  Demons and other dark entities are REAL!

More progressive and serious signs of dark entities include addictions and mental disorders.

  • Drug and alcohol addictions.  As I mentioned in my blog about substance abuse, addictions are often used to self-medicate mental disorders.
  • Suspicious to the point of paranoia
  • All or most mental disorders can be related to demons and other types of dark entities.  Below is a list of  several kinds of mental disorders:
general anxiety and social anxiety
OCD- Obsessive-compulsive disorder
all forms of depression
Bipolar/Bipolar II disorders
multiple personality disorder or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)
psychosis and psychosis suicide

Physical body changes

You may notice physical changes when demons or any type of dark entity invade the body.   I have witnessed these physical changes in my son, Darrell, numerous times!

  • The eye pupils become dilated
  • The shape of the face becomes non-proportional or distorted
  •  The voice changes to sound like someone else

Signs of dark entities and demons related to negativity

I could keep listing negative attributes that could be related to dark entities but there is no need since a pattern of negativity has been established.  In other words, if it is negative, it could be a sign of dark entities.

Places dark entities like

There are favorite places dark entities like to be so it is a good idea to be cautious in and around these places.

  • Bars and nightclubs- It is easier to possess someone when they are drunk
  • Hospitals- It is easier to possess a person when they are weak and sick
  • Prisons and jails
  • Graveyards
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I have found through family experiences heartfelt prayer is the most powerful tool to fight demons and dark entities!  Click to see a sample demon/dark entity removal prayer.

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  1. Hi, Mom L.
    There is another element of spiritual phenomena (that is not part of LDS theology) that I was surprised to encounter in my therapeutic work. This has to do with “discarnates”. These are spirits of humans who after their mortal death do not leave the area where death occurs but hang around and become involved in the psyche of living humans.

    Information on these entities is available in the professional writings of Dr. Edith Fiore, in her book “The Unquiet Dead”

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