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In other words, if it is negative, it could be one of the signs of dark entities.

Dark entities are more common than you may think.  I get them, and all those I love get them too. In fact, the majority of people, if not all people, get them. The lowest realm of the spirit world, where the most demonic spirits reside (sometimes referred to as the “spirit prison”), merges with the earth’s surface. Therefore, they live close to humankind, so it is easy for them to afflict people. If you would like to know more about the “World of Spirits”,  I addressed this subject further in a previous blog. So, what are some signs of dark entities and demons?

Signs of Negative Dark Spirits

There are many signs of dark entities and demons.  Let’s begin with common or ordinary signs you would not think are a result of the presence of demonic entities.

Argumentative – quarrelsome – agitated – cranky – contentious

If you notice someone being chronically argumentative or agitated, it is likely they have at least one demon or another type of dark entity. The removal of a dark entity can alleviate negative emotions.

Demonic Spirit Sickness – Removal Healing

Believe it or not, sickness can be caused by demons and other types of dark spirits. I mention this in my psychosis theory.

A friend and her husband told me when their granddaughter was very ill in the hospital, they would stop to say a healing removal prayer each time their granddaughter’s fever spiked and then re-shield her.  They did this about every hour for ten days. When her fever finally broke, she was able to leave the hospital the next

More signs of dark negative beings include:

  • Isolate themselves from other people – Dark beings love to get a person isolated from other people so they can gain more control over their thoughts and minds.
  • Have few or no friends.  Reject even close friends and family.
  • Full of hate
  • Defensive and blame others.  They do not want to take responsibility for their mistakes.
  • Very critical of others
  • Sit around doing nothing
  • Sleeps a lot
  • Cannot focus for long periods of time
  • Jealous of other’s successes
  • Often angry
  • Frequent sessions of crying to the point of wailing
  • Refusal to talk about things
  • Silent treatment
  • Turns bright red for no reason
  • Gets mad and quits jobs

Don’t discount someone – Listen carefully

If someone tells you they have a demonic entity, don’t discount what they are saying. Demonic beings are real. If someone you love needs an entity removal prayer, don’t fear. Utter suggested specific word phrases with increased emotion and focus with the confidence of success.

More progressive and serious signs of demonic entities include addictions and mental disorders.

  • Drug and alcohol addictions.  As I mentioned in my blog about substance abuse, addictions are often used to self-medicate mental disorders.
  • Suspicious to the point of paranoia
  • All or most mental disorders can be related to demons and other types of dark beings.  Below is a list of  several kinds of mental disorders:
general anxiety and social anxiety
OCD- Obsessive-compulsive disorder
all forms of depression
Bipolar/Bipolar II disorders
multiple personality disorder or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)
psychosis and psychosis suicide

Physical body changes

You may notice physical changes when a negative spirit invades the body. I have witnessed these physical changes in my son, Darrell, numerous times.

  • The eye pupils become dilated
  • The shape of the face becomes non-proportional or distorted
  •  The voice changes to sound like someone else

There is good news, though. Removal entity prayer words can quickly get rid of them.


If your loved one tells you are a disgusting human being and that if they blow their brains out, it is all your fault, you can be sure they need a demonic entity removal(s).  

Signs of dark beings related to negativity

I could keep listing negative attributes related to dark spirits, but there is no need since a pattern of negativity has been established.  In other words, if it is negative, it most likely is a sign of demonic activity.

Places dark beings like

Dark spirits have favorite places, so it is good to be cautious in and around these locations.

  • Bars and nightclubs- It is easier to possess someone when they are drunk
  • Hospitals- It is easier to possess a person when they are weak and sick
  • Prisons and jails
  • Graveyards


Photo by Guilherme Romano

Through family experiences, I have discovered heartfelt prayer is the most powerful tool to fight demons and dark entities. Click to see a sample demon/dark entity removal prayer.

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  1. Hi, Mom L.
    There is another element of spiritual phenomena (that is not part of LDS theology) that I was surprised to encounter in my therapeutic work. This has to do with “discarnates”. These are spirits of humans who after their mortal death do not leave the area where death occurs but hang around and become involved in the psyche of living humans.

    Information on these entities is available in the professional writings of Dr. Edith Fiore, in her book “The Unquiet Dead”

  2. In my work with Dark Entities/Attachments, I begin where I always do, “What purpose are they serving in a creation created on purpose?” Source indicated, in no uncertain terms, that It imagined this circumstance that humanity would have to navigate because these conditions prove to us, yet again, that with great power comes just as great responsibility. Humanity is having to learn to use it’s amazing power of perception and thought with discipline because to not do so will create pain for us, both individually and collectively. To the very greatest extent, Dark Entities are the creation of human thought having reached a level of critical mass that ignites the awareness of these beings of themselves, not unlike the ignition of a star if there is enough space dust. Once they have come to life they have two imperatives to fulfill. The first is to feed and the second is to procreate. Sound familiar? And yet, the pain they create is also the light with which we can recognize them and then having done so, deal with them. Just as we have the power of thought to create we can transform and in this process we actually fulfill our purpose, the discovery of the power we are as well as the source of that power, Source.

  3. I’m stuck with this ! It’s killing me and I can’t do it anymore .
    It came to me different tmes in my life , recently as a moving floating ball that look almost like insects or tentacles. Hard to describe . It seems alive and aware , it noticed me when I sat up and shot away when I ran out of the room. I haven’t been well since ! I’m a strong woman , and I’m known to be strong ! It’s taking me away piece by piece . I can’t remember anything from Monday when I got taken to hospital. I flipped ! People won’t believe me when I tell them ! They want a medical explanation or reason ! I can’t give them that. It’s attached to me and I’m scared . I can feel it , here it . I don’t know what to do

      1. i am a kid but i understand this quite well that not all demons or demonic or dark entity may go away via preying or saying enchants in order for it to redeem its self better you must want it to go away that entity is attached to you or you family mainly you because your vulnerable you need to find a way to remove your self from the setting of fear because demons or entity evil are feeding and you got to think to yourself that god is with you and calm yourself down of in the time of a encounter and have a clear or a appointed mindset to the removal of that spirit. one more thing if you watched IT this will help you most entity’s are actually not in there actual form so during the encounter just remind yourself that there in that form to scare and feed off of you

        1. Thank you for sharing. Yep, the ultimate hope is to rid ourselves of all fear and to dwell in a state of love remembering this is a process, not an event.

  4. Kimberly schafman.I can feel for you my friend.Take the Lords supper and pray the psalms and read new testament. God is with you and He fights for you.I have seen that kind. Its was human.Notice a pattern.See if there are three more attached to it.Start noticing how people speak around you….been through it…….

  5. this is scary as well as getting the notion that in some way certain individuals are actually referring to you, I believe I have a dark spirit attachment and I have told my wife, my parents in law and my own family and none of them believe me, but at the same time I think that they all have plotted a way to murder me because they do believe it but don’t want to admit that it’s a very real thing, I am LDS and I pray about it and talk to heavenly father all the time, the fact is I have had more family and they seem to be friends say things to me like “if I were to die tomorrow, would I want to be grumpy”. I’ve never said that to anyone in my life and then my cousin asked if I was afraid to die, what the F, I don’t know what the hell is going on with me or anyone else but I am not trying to bring anyone else down in the house I live in, my wife is done with me and everyone else too, I just me back

    1. I am so sorry for what you are enduring. I suggest offering the prayers at the following link asap:

      Pay close attention to the prayer to heal a fractured spirit because healing prayers do not work if your spirit is fractured. I testify these prayers work even if no one believes you are afflicted by negative entities.

  6. Great article, just what I needed. My house mate has a dark entity. I’ve just had a soul cleanse and this has been the advice given to me. He is an alcoholic and very negative so it makes sense now.

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