Satanic Portals | Guide to Get Rid of Dark Portals

If you walk into a place and suddenly feel irritable, angry, or afraid, etc., this could be a sign there are open Satanic portals.  If you notice a dramatic change in temperature such as really cold or hot in a room, when the rest of the home is a normal temperature, could be another sign of open Satanic portals.  

A portal is a doorway, a gate, or some type of entrance to allow someone or something to move from one place to another freely. Some doorways are small, and some are large enough for people to move through. There are entranceways of light, and on the opposite side, there are dark ones.   

This blog post includes guidelines on how to close demonic portals and is also applicable to the closure of all types of dark entranceways.

Increased Number

Demonic gateways have increased in the past few years. Participation in certain types of media, especially pornography, Satanic ritual, fighting, and contention, is why demonic portals have increased.  

Common locations

Some of the most common locations of Satanic portals are:

  • Old churches turned into homes
  • Old vacant church houses
  • Basements of churches and temples – both operating and non-operating
  • Older homes especially where Satanic ritual has taken place
  • Buildings/homes that have been built on old gravesites or graveyards
  • Anywhere where evil rituals have occurred

Demonic entranceways can also be located in people.

Signs of Open Dark Spirit Portals

Here are some signs of open demonic portals:

  • If you walk into a place and suddenly feel irritable, angry, or afraid, etc., this could be a sign of open demonic doorways.
  •  If you notice a dramatic change in temperature such as really cold or really hot in a room when the rest of the home/building is a normal temperature.
  • When you enter a room that feels eerie and dark.

Entranceways to Human Beings

As I mentioned, dark spirit portals can also be placed in human beings that usually suck away energy and light.  Some tattoos with Satanic meanings attract darkness and can be the cause of opening a dark portal within the body. Watching excessive amounts of pornography can also be the cause of opening dark doorways within the body. So be careful of tattoo and media choices because specific images and words can be very powerful for bad and, on the opposite side, for good.  

Heartfelt Prayer Works

My son had multiple open dark entranceways inside his body. My husband and I have offered healing prayers to dismantle, close, and heal all of them. My experience has taught me that heartfelt prayer with increased focus and emotion is the only method that effectively closes open demonic gates. I have also tried diffused essential oils, cedar chips, sage smudge sticks, pyramids, healing rocks, and healing lights, but none of them worked.

Various Sizes of Doorways

Dark entranceways have different levels of strength depending on what allowed them to open. If you ask God if someone has an open dark portal(s), he will answer you. Most of the time, God works through the Holy Ghost, aka the Holy Spirit. Especially pay attention to your thoughts that surprise you, or thoughts you have never considered before. The most common method for the holy spirit to communicate with you is through your thoughts. Thoughts are also the most common method the adversary uses to influences you, so it takes practice to recognize the difference between darkness and light. At any rate, remember it is important to pay attention to your thoughts.

Fasting for Closure of Dark Gates

Generally, open gates of darkness can be closed by saying a simple prayer (I included an example prayer below).  However, sometimes it is necessary to fast to achieve closure. Open gates of darkness opened with the sacrifice of babies, children, or any innocent human sacrifice usually require fasting along with prayer offered with increased focus and emotion.

Satanic Portals Closure

Satanic portals can also be placed inside human beings. These can suck away your energy and light.  Some tattoos with Satanic meanings attract evil and can be the cause of opening a dark portal within the body.  So be careful of tattoo choices because words and certain images can be very powerful for bad and on the opposite side, for good.  

Here is an example closure prayer I use:

By the Power of Jesus Christ (or whatever title you refer to as God), I command Satanic and all types of dark open gateways in and around _____________ (the name of the person, place, and/or thing) to be filled with Jesus Christ’s light forever dismantling, closing, and sealing them  Thank you.

Additionally, here is a sample spirit portals closure pronounced in the name of Heavenly Father.

By the Power of Heavenly Father, I command all types of dark gateways in and around _________(the name of the person, place, and/or thing) to be immediately filled with Jesus Christ’s (or the title you refer to as the creator of the earth) light forever dismantling, closing, and sealing them. Thank you.

As mentioned before, you may change prayers to fit you as prompted by the holy spirit. Remember it is important to say in and around a person, place, or thing because open dark entranceways can be in or around people or things.

Some healing prayers need to be offered in the name of Heavenly Father in some situations. See my blog “Healing Prayer by Power of God the Father” to learn more details.

Conclusion – Five-step guide

In conclusion, let’s quickly review the five closure steps to get rid of Satanic and all types of dark doorways.

Photo by Toa Heftiba

First, identify if you have open dark entranceways. Consider all the signs described in this post.

Second, ask God if you or someone you love has open dark doorways, and he will tell you through the Holy Ghost, aka Holy Spirit.

Third, say a prayer to close demonic portals.

Fourth, if a dark doorway remains open, fasting is a helpful tool to increase faith.

Fifth, Remember, all healing occurs through the power of God. Man does not have the power to heal without connecting to the power of God.

I testify that saying specific word phrases with increased focus and emotion can close dark doorways, keeping you safely protected from negative entities.


  1. Hello. I have read many books on the type of material you mention here including the ones by Anthony Borgia, so I certainly agree with everything that is said here. However, I feel there are many more people who are influenced by dark entities than we will ever know about. They are clever in making us think that our thoughts are our own. My question is that if someone has a dark entity attached to them and doesn’t even know it, what would happen to that person if they died unaware of that entity being around them? For example, I know these dark entities hang around hospitals (as well as many other places), so if someone is hospitalized and dies as an inpatient, would these entities be able to force them to go with them – especially if there is no one there from the spirit world to help them? Would they be able to disguise themselves as guides etc. to gain our trust?

    1. As you mentioned, dark entities are very smart and tricky. I have carefully observed how dark entities have employed lies and trickery to negatively influence my son and others I love. In this blog,, I share some observations about the mindset of dark negative entities and how they operate if you would like to consider my observations further.

      I don’t believe dark entities can force a person to do anything, but I do think they can trick a person into believing they are light beings when in reality they are dark entities in disguise. It is our job to learn to discern truth from lies.

      If someone has dark entities, see my blog, to remove dark negative entities.

      If not, see my blog on how to prevent dark negative entities,

      Thank you for your comment.

      PS – I also think the majority of people have dark negative entities without recognizing it. See my blog listing signs dark negative entities to raise awareness of dark entities.

  2. Hi I enjoyed reading your article thank you. I tried using a pendelum recently in the context of attempting to find direction on an important question that I felt stuck on. Is this a form of divination ? the bible frowns upon divination. The reason I ask is because later that night after dowsing, my mattress began to vibrate intensely while sleeping and entities began oppressing me at night. In fact Im still dealing with them. Ive had 2 deliverance sessions and have spoken boldly when attacked by night – commanding them out in the name of Jesus Christ. They are still coming against me.
    Maybe fasting is required ?

    1. Thank you for your comment. In the Bible, they did use a form of divination called “casting lots”.
      There are many things that can be used for both good and bad including pendulums. For instance, marijuana can be used for both good and bad. Another example is snake venom can kill but when used properly, snake venom can be turned into an antidote that saves lives.

      If a person’s intention when employing divination with a pendulum is pure and used with God’s permission, a pendulum is a great tool. However, the ultimate and best tool to receive divine revelation is the Holy Ghost aka the Holy Spirit. Many have not yet received the Holy Ghost but everyone is eligible to receive it as I explain at the following link:
      So, in the meantime, while working toward receiving revelation through the Holy Ghost, God does allow “crutches” such as pendulums and muscle testing to communicate with heaven. However, it is very important to first ask permission from God to use all forms of divination.

      I think intention that is pure is focused on service to others, or sacrificing to further the purposes of God. The opposite, impure intentions, is using divination to fulfill carnal, selfish purposes that appeal to the vanity and pride of men/women. I explain in more detail about this subject at the following link:

      Now that I explained the above information, the answer to your question is that yes, you may need to fast. Here is a link that may be helpful when fasting:
      It is also possible, repentance may be helpful. Here is a link with information to consider when repenting:
      It also may be possible, you need to pray in the name of Father in Heaven but still use the light of Christ or whoever you believe created the earth. I explain this further at the following blog post link:
      If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at he*******@gm***.com Thank you.

  3. I just thought I would share my experiences. A so called portal obviously to me, doesn’t need to be an old house or hospital etc etc, as I’ve got one in my house. It’s strange, but I can see, hear, and feel them coming and going by the 1,000’s. I can hear them going down my hall, pass my door, into my kitchen and out my front and down the steps. I can literally hear their steps, feel the vibrations, and see them. I can see them in many many forms, but recently mainly two, men like, and men like with a lions face. This has been going on since 2015. I feel your quite a bit off in your assessment as it’s too tv like. Their everywhere, and they don’t need a special place to operate. Each and every time I experience them it’s totally different, and it’s obvious they can visually transform themselves in any known, or unknown thing you can imagine. I know your trying, but take it from me, your assessment is way off. It’s not your fault however, it comes only from experience.

    1. Thanks for your input. I believe negative entities are everywhere, so what you are saying makes sense. I appreciate your insights.

      1. Yes, they’ve been in and around the last four houses I’ve lived in 4 different cities and two states, and many many other locations including churches. They say you can pray them away from certain areas but its hard to imagine those pastors didn’t think of it. I’m either blessed or cursed ,or both because I have to deal with all the time. I believed I have a gift of discernment, but lately I don’t know, but I see horrible visions with it, exactly like a TV screen. And whats weird even on an unplugged TV screen or phone, or tablet. This last Friday was one of the hairiest days I’ve had dealing with them, so if you don’t mind let me share how devious they can be.

        As I mentioned earlier, I can see them in many forms, from a slight shadow, to a shadow with features, to a shadow with radiating features, to absolute solid beings in real form. I mentioned earlier that not only could I see them, but also hear each step and feel the vibrations, even feeling the weight of their bodies on my wooden floor forcing me to lean. Anyway one announced his presence the moment I opened my eyes from sleep, as he walked through my bedroom door, passed inches from my feet, and straight out the window, as they pass through walls. For an entire week he brought so many, you’d have to add a bunch of zeros to the number. But I’m used to that, but not this time as they brought 2 visions with them. One on my phone screen, one on my light fixture. I’m explaining this to you because your descriptions above are nothing like what they do, they did this to me…

        As they were climbing in and out of my 3 walls, I seen them going underground, as well as out and down my steps, and they were innumerable. But in my light shade/ glass cover, I seen a vision of them coming back, and going left and right. But in the middle there were steps, and they were dragging a bound man down them, he was the only one wearing white. I seen this at least an hour or two, step by step they carried him. I thought this is different, was that supposed to be me?

        Obviously it was, because the vision changed. In this glass shade i could see into my kitchen, and I would see the same thing for hours. Two dark figures slowly trying to grab a figure in white. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out that’s supposed to be me.

        I seen stuff from friday-saturday, and today Sunday I can only hear them go down my steps, and feel my body leaning from the weight of them in my house .

        So, no its not just an old and dusty 1860’s house or whatever, there are millions and millions, and millions of them absolutely everywhere. They seem to be staging for the main event.

        They have so many abilities your mind can’t fathom. Its so hard to imagine my heart hasn’t stopped by now, as I’ve seen stuff for years. But this time I did see a vision of the ground swallowing them up in a giant gigantic hole, with dirt following them. I assume that’s the end of them. I just pray I don’t go with them because their pretty mean

        1. Wow! I am thankful for those with spiritual gifts, but it is difficult to witness dark spirits daily. I have seen them a few times, which made me more content to view them occasionally. I can feel the darkness everywhere; it is rapidly increasing. I think we are all looking forward to a shift to expanding light.

  4. My boyfriend is having sex with a ghost or something evil. I’ve recorded him and he says he doesn’t hear anything. I had others listen and they hear it He acts so suspicious and always sneaking around the house. He ignores me Im pretty fed up with it all and don’t know what to f do o. He’s always moving stuff around in his closet. And talking to some one. I thought maybe he was bringing other women in the house. But I think I would have seen something. I think it’s time for me to get the hell out of there. It taking a toll on me because I can’t believe he would rather be with whatever it is than me. It hurts so bad He won’t snap out of it and walks around like a zombie.

    1. I am so sorry. When dark spirits possess someone, they lose the ability to make sound decisions. There is a high probability that is the case. I agree; it is time to get out with faith that you will find someone who loves and values you. Thank you for sharing.

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