Satanic Devices – An Awful Metallic Taste

This is when I first began to consider how smart dark evil spirits can be using satanic devices and weapons.

A few years ago, I had never heard of Satanic devices or weapons.  Now I have personally witnessed both numerous times.  Today, I realize it is quite likely my family has experienced both in the past unknowingly.  If you lack energy, often get cold, or are sickly, you could possibly be inflicted by Satanic devices or weapons.

Strange movements and symptoms

My son, Darrell, kept complaining he had an awful metallic taste in his mouth. He was also experiencing face twitching along with the inability to control the sideways movements of his head. I would describe the movements of his head as swinging from one side looking over one shoulder to swinging to the opposite side to look over the opposite shoulder. This sideways movement of his head continued for days without stopping except when he was sleeping. These movements and symptoms were so unusual it alarmed me.

My instincts

Due to prior problems Darrell had encountered with dark negative entities, I could not help but wonder if the entities were the cause of these bizarre symptoms. My imagination could not imagine how they would be able to govern the movements of Darrell’s head in this odd manner, but my instincts told me they were somehow involved.

Man with the gift of healing

I began to pray about whether to take him to a medical doctor or to seek other types of help. I felt directed to call a man who often gave healing blessings which I had heard about from some friends.

Energetic horse bit – Satanic devices

This man along with his associate who both had had experience with negative entities could see Darrell was suffering from the placement of an energetic horse bit (one of many possible dark devices) that was created and controlled by one of Satan’s warriors.  I paid attention since Darrell had been complaining about an awful metallic taste in his mouth so I considered this diagnosis probable.

Control from a distance

Apparently, through prayer, I was doing a good job keeping dark entities from entering Darrell’s body. However, one of the adversary’s warriors decided to get around the shields I had created to protect Darrell by building a device (the horse bit) so he could control Darrell from a distance. This is when I first began to consider how smart negative entities can be using Satanic devices and other dark energetic warfare tools.

Healing blessing

The man asked Darrell if he would like a healing blessing. He willingly accepted the offer. I wish I could remember the blessing but since I was stressed about what was happening to Darrell, I didn’t retain the words of the blessing. However, I do remember he was blessed to be healed. From the time the blessing was pronounced, he began to get better and in less than a week the twitching and the swinging from side to side of his head stopped. The unusual symptoms never returned.

Blocked Crown Chakra

Satanic devices - We have also experienced negative spirits constructing shunts to block Darrell's crown chakra by redirecting light and energy away from his crown chakra where heavenly energy enters the body.
Photo by Scarlet Ellis

We have also experienced negative spirits constructing shunts to block Darrell’s crown chakra to redirect light and energy away from his crown chakra.  The crown chakra is where heavenly energy enters the body so it causes problems when it is blocked preventing proper energy flow throughout the body.   At this time, I had become confident enough to get rid of the dark device by offering the “breaking curses” prayer employing focused intention and elevated energy toward the crown chakra envisioning the consumption of the dark device with God’s light.   He was healed; however, negative entities have returned to rebuild other dark devices to block Darrell’s crown chakra but I have been successful in removing all these devices through the power of words in prayer. 

Curses, spells, and hexes

Darrell and other family members have also had numerous dark curses, spells, and hexes placed on them by not only dark entities but by a couple of other methods.

Sometimes unknowingly, you place curses upon yourself by using negative statements such as “I am a failure or I am not good enough”. Words are very powerful so it is important to be mindful of word choices so you don’t accidentally place curses on yourself.

Additionally, sometimes friends and loved ones, knowingly or unknowingly, place curses upon those they love. For example, when we left our lifetime religion of Mormonism, curses along with dark energies have been directed at our family by extended family and friend’s negative statements about our decision to leave Mormonism.

Healing prayer for spiritual warfare attacks

I have learned it is not necessary to identify who is placing a curse, spell, or hex, or what words were used to place the curse, spell, or hex. All you need to do is offer an effective healing prayer. I wrote a previous blog sharing a healing prayer for Satanic devices and other spiritual warfare attacks that can be tweaked (added or subtracted from) to fit whatever healing is needed.


Dark devices and weapons are real but so is the power of prayer, and saying a heartfelt prayer can stop, remove, or destroy all spiritual warfare tools so full healing can occur. I testify I have personally witnessed healings from spiritual warfare tools.

Top Featured Photo by Violeta Pencheva 


    1. That is what I used to think until it affected me personally. I hope you never have to experience what I have had to experience to believe there are powerful forces of opposition to good and light. Thank you for expressing your honest feelings about this subject.

  1. This is not bullshit at all this is a spiritual warfare we are in.

    I too, have experienced a metallic taste and pain that came out of nowhere and I have been inflicted by strange symptoms. I’m incredibly grateful to this blog and to this guidance.⚘

  2. Complete and utter bullshit. You and only you create this nonsense. Fear is your problem, through your fear all this bullshit is generated. There is no one hexing you or cutting chicken’s heads off to magically hurt you. You create all this bullshit in your mind, grow up and live your live without fear.

    1. At the time of this incident, I was fearful because I had never witnessed such crazy happenings. I am no longer fearful. Now I stand up to anything that enters my space or my loved one’s space and I command them by the power of God to get out. This shuts them down. If others from their group return, I command them out of my/our space again and again. Negative entities are real but if you stand up to them without fear, you have power over them every time!

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