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I offered a prayer to reunite his fractured spirit and then resumed writing a blog I was working on.

If you regularly follow my blog, you have most likely noticed I have been focusing on the subject to reunite a fractured spirit. The catalyst behind this subject matter is due to an experience that occurred a little over a week ago which I am going to share in this blog post.

I knew something was there

I walked into the living room smiling at my son, Darrell while asking him if he would vacuum the carpet. He scowled at me with a hateful look and told me all his problems were my fault and refused to vacuum. Then he told me, he was a product of sex and I shouldn’t have brought him into this world. I looked into his eyes but I couldn’t see any dark spirits but I knew something was there. I was also certain his spirit had fractured.

I began to pray

After he finished expressing his insults, he quickly exited the living room. After I heard his door slam, I quickly went to my room to pray. I offered the prayers I routinely say for him:

Reunite a fractured spirit

Because of prior experience and his hateful, angry behavior, I knew a high percentage of his spirit had fractured. Darrell needed his fractured spirit to be reunited.

Prayer to reunite his fractured spirit

I also knew because of his hateful, angry behavior that high percentage of his core spirit had left and that I needed to reunite his fractured spirit.
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I paused to offer a prayer to reunite his fractured spirit and then resumed writing the blog post I was working on. Click on the above link to view a sample “reunite a fractured spirit” prayer.

Refused to go to his appointment

When I retired to bed, he was still in his room with his rabbit, Pepper. The next morning Darrell was still angry, unreasonable, and rude. He informed me that he wasn’t going to his appointment with his therapist. I didn’t argue because I knew it wouldn’t do any good.

Again, I went to my room to pray for Darrell repeating all the prayers I had offered the evening before with more emphasis on the prayer to reunite a fractured spirit. Then I left to attend to errands that needed to be done.

Trying to stay positive

Again, I went to my room to pray for Darrell repeating all the prayers I had offered the evening before with most of the emphasis on the prayer to reunite a fractured spirit.
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I used to take it personally when Darrell would treat me poorly but now I understand as soon as the negative entities are gone and his spirit is reunited, the rude, angry, and hateful behavior will disappear. However, it affects my mood and temporarily dampens my hopes that this pattern of attacks will never end.

I returned home hoping to greet a “pleasant” Darrell, but instead, he scowled at me. He asked me if he hurt my feelings yesterday. I responded that I was fine. He responded, “That’s too bad!” and then departed to his room. I became more concerned and returned to my room to pray.

Talking to Darrell’s spirit

The spirit informed me that his spirit was still fractured and that he had not accepted the healing prayers I had offered on his behalf. I knew I needed to spend some time talking to Darrell’s spirit and that I needed to be less routine about my efforts to reunite his spirit.

It was past time to increase my focus and intention to reunite his spirit. I began to speak to Darrell’s spirit with my whole heart. I don’t remember the exact wording I used but I wrote a blog titled “Speaking to a Loved One’s Spirit” that covers general points I talk about when I speak to Darrell’s spirit if you would like to learn about what I say to him.

Heartfelt Prayer

I resumed my efforts to reunite Darrell’s fractured spirit and this time I was successful in praying a heartfelt prayer. It humbled me and I was reminded again that reuniting someone’s spirit is not a casual activity. It takes focus, energy, and love.


While writing about this experience, Darrell apologized for the way he treated me. When more than 50% of his spirit fractures and he treats me with disrespect, he sometimes apologizes and other times he doesn’t. I assume this means he doesn’t always remember 100% of what happens when his spirit fractures. If Darrell apologizes, I graciously accept his apology and move forward. I don’t ever solicit an apology or dwell on the negativity that occurred while he was fractured. I am simply thankful God saw fit to reunite his spirit and so grateful the hateful, dark spirits that make life a living hell are gone.


I thank God every time something like this happens for blessing me with the knowledge to reunite his spirit because it is hard enough dealing with the residue left behind from dark, negative beings without directly living in the hell they create.

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  1. Have you ever heard of the works of Wayne Brewer? He also works with exorcising lower beings and entities with the tools and residual left behind devices that keep people from retaining the healing.

    1. Thanks for sharing. I hadn’t heard of Wayne Brewer, but now I know about him, I am going to look at his website. Thank you. Have a nice day.

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