Quick Mix Immune Booster Recipe | Garlic Water Preventative Tonic

Quick Mix Immune Booster can strengthen your immune system and aid in cleansing your body. The Quick Mix Immune Booster does not need refrigeration.

Earlier I shared a Powerful Immune Booster recipe that is great to use when one becomes sick or in smaller doses as a preventative tonic.  The Quick Mix Immune Booster recipe’s function is to be used for preventative body maintenance.  The biggest plus about the Quick Mix Immune Booster recipe is that it is easier to make and much less expensive than the Powerful Immune Booster recipe.

Directions How to Make the Quick Mix Immune Booster Recipe

This recipe uses a lot of garlic so I suggest viewing the following videos to learn how to peel garlic using “easy to peel” methods.

I like the water method shown in this video.

This video shows a couple of other easy ways to peel garlic.

Puree 2 1/4 cups (about 1 lb.) peeled garlic in a blender with 2 cups apple cider vinegar (Bragg is my favorite brand).  I buy Bragg apple cider vinegar in 1-quart jars from my local Smith’s grocery store for half the price of Amazon’s.

Put the pureed garlic mixture in a one-gallon glass jar (I purchased jars with plastic lids, metal lids will corrode, from Amazon).

Add  the following herbs to the one-gallon glass jar:

To save money, I purchase the herbs in bulk mainly from Amazon to put in my Quick Mix Immune Booster recipe.

Fill the remainder of the jar with the apple cider vinegar leaving an inch or so of air space at the top of the jar.

Shake the jar 2X daily for two weeks.

After at least two weeks, strain the vinegar from the herbs and garlic using:

  • A paint Strainer to fit a 5-gallon bucket (purchased at Home Depot)
  • A 5-gallon bucket (purchased at Home Depot) I like to use a bigger bucket because it is deeper preventing splashing, and the 5-gallon bucket can also be reused for many other handy uses.

Put the paint strainer over the five-gallon bucket.  Pour the herb, garlic, apple cider vinegar mixture through the strainer. Put the strained liquid back into the glass gallon jar after rinsing it out.  Top off with apple cider vinegar (ACV).  Place the jar in a handy spot with a dropper for quick use to add to your drinks and food. When I drink Quick Mix Immune Booster alone, the dilution ratio I use is 1/4 cup Immune Booster to two to three cups water.  If desired, add honey to sweeten.  The Quick Mix Immune Booster does not need refrigeration.

Use on salads, in dressings, in soup, and main dishes in quantities to please you and your family’s taste buds. The ACV and garlic alone have tremendous health benefits.  The added herbs are a bonus. Quick Mix Immune Booster can strengthen your immune system and aid in cleansing your body. For best results, eliminate white sugar, flour, rice and dairy, or at least keep to a minimum.

Put the leftover (strained) garlic and herbs in another gallon jar to use again with another gallon of ACV. Let set at least two weeks shaking 2X daily (on the second rotation, I let the herbs set for several weeks to maximize their goodness).  Once again strain the herbs from the ACV. If you would like, put the used leftover herbs and garlic in your compost pile or garden.

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