Psychosis Suicide | Letting Go of Suicide Stigma and Myths

I do not support the idea that when a person commits psychosis suicide, they go to hell or to some dark existence. 

I believe suicide is often a result of psychosis which is when a person loses contact with reality usually hearing voices and seeing things that others do not see or hear.   I call this type of suicide, “psychosis suicide”.

Dark entities in relation to psychosis

I believe the voices and the beings a person sees are dark entities which I defined in a previous blog.  Through observing and caring for my son, Darrell, who experienced psychotic episodes for two years, I formulated a psychosis theory of what I believe happens during a psychotic break if you would like to know more about my theory.

Personal witness

I have personally witnessed the changes that occur due to the invasion of dark entities.

  • The pupils of the eyes grow large
  • The shape of the face loses normal proportion
  •  The voice sounds like someone else’s.

Three D’s

Psychosis suicide - Dark entities employ the following three D's- Degrading, Deceiving, and Destroyers


Dark entities tried to convince my son he is worthless and that his life has no value with the ultimate goal to destroy him.  Dark entities employ the following three D’s…..



  • Degrading- They do everything in their power to steal the self-worth and self-respect of a person.
  • Deceiving- They are cunning liars to achieve their purposes which is to destroy.
  • Destroyers – They do everything in their power to isolate a person and cunningly plant the belief it is noble to follow their dark and evil plans.

I testify, evil spirits or dark entities are REAL and they are sly robbers who steal:


And sometimes life itself!

Dark entities get control

I believe after dark entities get control of a person’s thoughts, they become brazen enough to make themselves known to those around the person they are tormenting.  And they know how to make life a living hell.  We warred with dark entities for two years striving to keep Darrell alive.

What happens when a person commits psychosis suicide

I do not support the idea that when a person commits psychosis suicide, they go to hell or to some dark existence.  It is my belief there are a couple of different things that could happen when a person commits psychosis suicide.

Psychosis Suicide Scenario I

Before we came to earth, each of us helped organize our own life plan while being surrounded and guided by those with greater intelligence and wisdom than ourselves.  After essential knowledge was presented, we understood what we needed to experience to expand and grow. We then made “life plan” choices accordingly.  In a previous blog, I presented supporting references that premortal free agency existed prior to coming to earth.

It seems logical, we may have chosen a plan where our goals were bigger than our ability to expand.  If so, this could be a reason why some become overwhelmed to the point of total powerlessness.  Then hopelessness sets in along with the belief the only solution to life problems is to commit suicide.

Because I believe in life after death, I think there continue to be more opportunities to progress even if a person commits suicide.  I also believe those who commit psychosis suicide can heal from their trauma through being enveloped in love.

Psychosis Suicide Scenario II

The other possibility is that committing suicide was a part of a person’s life plan in order for them and others around them to gain knowledge and wisdom from the challenging experience.

My husband and I feel we have grown exponentially through the experience of living with a son plagued with a mental disorder.  We are much more empathetic, understanding and have a greater capacity to love rather than judge.

Suicide myths

  • Suicide is a sin-  There is no reliable documentation to support this notion.  This is a judgment rather than fact.
  • It is wrong to feel relief when someone commits suicide-  Those who have experienced the hell of living with a psychotic person understand how relief may be a natural response when psychosis finally stops.
  • Parents of children who commit suicide did something wrong.


It is my great hope you and I can learn to let go of suicide myths and the stigma surrounding it.

A story about psychosis suicide

I shared a true story about psychosis suicide titled, “Mother to Mother”  you are welcome to read also.

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