Prayer Versus Energy Work- Healing Versus Helping

I spent thousands of dollars on energy work before I came to the conclusion, it helps temporarily. In this blog post, I will explain this conclusion while also presenting my observation of prayer versus energy work.

What do I think about prayer versus energy work? I will answer this question in this blog post and why I came to the conclusions I did.

Prayer Versus Energy Work – Energy Work Experience

When I developed a desire to heal, I focused on energy work which I sincerely believed would lead to full healing.

If you get an energy worker that is good at moving large amounts of light/energy and you have the money and time, consistent energy sessions (once or twice a week) can be helpful.

It becomes expensive and time-consuming continually returning for another energy session with the hope of being healed. After months of consistent healing sessions, I felt uncomfortable paying hundreds of dollars and continually being dependent on someone to improve well-being. It became apparent, at this rate, hundreds of dollars would turn into thousands of dollars.

I worked with six different energy workers. Some were better than others, but none of them were successful in healing the problems I desired to be healed.

I was unsatisfied even though I had learned helpful tips observing the energy workers, especially improving my ability to focus. I came to understand there is a difference between helping to control ailments, and healing ailments. I deeply desired to receive healing.

Thought I had found the key to my healing journey

Prayer versus healing - When I started going to energy workers, I sincerely believed I had found a modality that was going to heal targeted ailments.  I thought since focus of light is placed on healing the material we are made of, healing would occur.  Sounds logical but it isn't that simple.
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As mentioned, I sincerely believed energy workers could heal targeted ailments. I reasoned since light was focused on healing the base material we are made of, healing would occur. Sounds logical but it isn’t that simple.

This idea that an energy healer can heal you is false. It is like telling someone you will pay them to do push-ups for you so you can get stronger. Sound ridiculous? Of course, it is…everyone knows you can’t get stronger paying someone to exercise for you. Guess what? This same principle applies when it comes to energy work. A good energy worker should be referred to as a “guide teacher” teaching you how to heal yourself. On this blog, I am striving to help others understand the true role of a healer is to be a teacher.

After I understood I needed to learn to heal myself, I began to practice focusing on and moving light energy.

Prayer Versus Energy Work – Words and Focus

As I continued to search for healing truths, I came to recognize the power of words.

In the New Testament, onlookers watching Christ were astonished by the power present when He spoke words…

And they were astonished at his doctrine: for his word was with power…And they were all amazed, and spake among themselves, saying, What a word is this! for with authority and power he commandeth the unclean spirits, and they come out.”

Luke 4:32,36

In a previous blog post, I posted a reminder that the world was created through the power of words which tells you learning to use words with focused intention and energy can result in creation and the creation of healing.

Prayer versus energy work- I posted a reminder that the world was created through the power of words which tells you learning to use words with focused intention and energy can result in creation, the creation of healing.

With some practice, all of us can learn to use words to create power. “Word phrases” with focus can be employed as meditative thoughts, or they can become words of a prayer, or they can be simply referred to as word phrases you created. Whatever definition(s) is your preference, the goal is to increase…

  • emotion or energy or power
  • intention or desire or belief
  • focus or envisioning what is wanted has already happened

Let me clarify, it is perfectly fine to borrow other’s word phrases as you practice and learn, but eventually, it is best to create your own word phrases because they will generate greater emotion and desire to achieve improved results. Gradually you will learn to express your very own “word” creations.

As you read my blog, you can tell I use my “word phrases” in what I define as prayer. I have witnessed healing through heartfelt prayer and I believe whenever any type of healing occurs, God did it and allowed it.

Most of the time healing is a process, not an event

Have I arrived on my journey to heal? No, I haven’t. I have come to understand most of the time, healing is a process, not an event. There are several variables in play for healing to occur.

  • God’s will
  • God’s timetable

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, says the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Isaiah 20:2
  • Your belief and faith
  • Your tenacity and patience

I have discovered when healing is thankfully achieved, most of the time it continues to be an ongoing process to maintain overall health. In a previous blog post, I explain what needs to occur to successfully maintain healing.

If healing has not been achieved, our job is to never give up, to figure out what roadblocks are preventing it, and work to get rid of them!

Conclusion – Prayer Versus Energy Work

In today’s world, it isn’t a common occurrence to hear of someone who received healing, but when you do, it is NOT an energy worker that healed them. It is because someone used words with belief and asking (with intention) to be healed, and then a power greater than man’s healed them. Energy work can help a person, but if you are seeking to be healed rather than to only be helped, you may want to consider the modality of heartfelt prayer.

I hope this blog post will help you understand why the focused power of words is a top priority in the healing process.

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  1. I lovingly thank you for the blessing of this information you have provided! Thank you for helping me to remember to walk in faith with the power of love and light with loving intention. Thank you for reminding me to release all fear and surrender to God, universal source creator, and Lord Jeshua as well as the many Christed ones! God bless you and peace be with you at all times!

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