Prayer to Heal Fractured Spirit – Reunite Fragmented Spirit

When a spirit fractures, a prayer to heal a fractured spirit can be offered to reunite a spirit back together.

A prayer to heal a fractured spirit can be offered to reunite a fractured aka a fragmented spirit. To protect your spirit body, God made it with the ability for spirit fragments to break away when burdens of darkness become greater than the strength to endure.

When a fragment of your spirit departs from the core spirit for a “so-called” vacation from stress, abuse, trauma, etc., the portion of your spirit that fragmented is seeking to escape burdens of darkness looking for relief. Allowing your spirit to fragment is one of God’s methods of preserving life.

How can I tell if I have a fractured spirit or if my loved one has a fractured spirit?

With practice and through experience, you will be able to identify a fractured spirit quite easily. However for now, if you are struggling or someone you love is struggling because of negative entities, you most likely have a fractured spirit. Negative entities cause a lot of stress, anxiety, and even trauma which can become too much for the spirit to bear, therefore, it fractures seeking relief.

When you first begin to learn the steps to heal from negative entities, I recommend offering the prayer to heal a fractured spirit on a daily basis. The reason I recommend this is because none of the healing prayers on my blog will work optimally if your spirit is fractured.

Prayer to Remove Dark Entities

Prior to offering a prayer to heal a fractured spirit, say a prayer to remove dark entities. You do not want any dark entities to block the healing of a fragmented spirit so it is important to remove them. Dark entities are smart and have been trained to block light and healing. They are very good at what they do which includes preventing healings.

Prayer to Heal Fractured Spirit

Here is a prayer I offer to heal a fractured spirit:

By the power of Jesus Christ (or the title you refer to as God), I command every part of ________’s spirit that is willing to accept healing to come back to your original place and function. I ask Jesus Christ to shine His light on _______ to glue her/his spirit back together properly and to heal any problems this fracture has caused in his/her physical body.

Below is the second part of the prayer to heal a fractured spirit.

All the fragments of _______’s spirit that are NOT willing or ready to accept healing, I command by the power of Jesus Christ that you go to a spirit hospital.  Once you are completely healed, you will be welcomed back with arms of love. Thank you.

Here is a longer version of the second part of the prayer that works well for me.

All the fragments of _______’s spirit that are NOT willing to accept healing at this time, I command by the power of Jesus Christ for you to go to a spirit home to soak in the light of Jesus Christ. Once you are restored and ready, you will be welcomed back with arms of love. Thank you.

Some are healed by the power of the Father in Heaven

Some healing prayers need to be offered in the name of Heavenly Father for some individuals. For more details, see my blog, “Healing Prayer by Power of God the Father”

Heartfelt Prayer

To be effective, “a prayer to heal a fractured spirit” needs to be heartfelt. I dedicated a blog to the subject of heartfelt prayer because I have discovered if a healing prayer is not working, it generally lacks heart.

Shield and repeat steps as needed

After reuniting someone’s spirit, it is important to shield them with a spiritual shield of protection.

You may repeat a prayer for the removal of dark entities, a prayer to reunite a fractured spirit, and the prayer to shield with protection as needed.  I recommend offering these prayers in the order listed.

REMEMBER – In dark and troubled times, you may need to repeat these prayers numerous times.  It is very important to understand healing prayers do NOT work if your spirit is fractured.  I recommend logging this prayer into your memory bank as a fundamental prayer to be kept foremost in your mind to retrieve anytime it is needed.

Another type of “Fractured Spirit” is a Foreign Soul Fragmentation

There is another type of spirit or soul fragmentation the majority of people do not know about. Soul fragmentation can occur when a negative being, knowingly or unknowingly, leaves a small fragment of their spirit when they pronounce a curse upon a chosen victim. To learn more about this subject, see my blog, “Soul Fragmentation – Negative Fragments Prayer”.


I have offered a prayer to heal a fractured spirit hundreds of times. I attest, when saying this prayer with focused energy and emotion, it heals and blesses lives.


I wrote a few blog posts about some of the most difficult experiences I have encountered when my son’s spirit fractured. I shared these experiences to educate others about what can happen when a spirit fractures. Since knowledge is power, theses “three fractured spirit healing” examples will help you to identify problems and make wiser decisions associated with a fractured spirit. Included below are the applicable blog post links:

Fractured Spirit Story

Soul Healing

Reunite Fractured Spirit

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