Pray to Remove Dark Entities | Free and Effective Methods

Pray to Remove Dark Entities. I have learned the first thing to do when a loved one feels angry, contentious, anxiety, depressed, or other sicknesses is to pray to remove dark entities. I believe depression along with all types of mental disorders can be interrelated to the invasion of dark or negative entities.

I have a friend who studied the New Testament with the intention to further his knowledge about healings in Biblical times.  He discovered that exactly half, 28 out of 56, were healed of their physical and/or mental illnesses by saying a prayer to remove dark or negative entities (New Testament term is “casting out”), and the person was blessed with healing. You can also learn how to pray to remove dark entities so you can experience healing too. 

Sickness – Pray to Remove Dark Entities

I have learned the first thing to do when a loved one is sick to say a prayer to remove dark entities.  This often helps or cures the sickness.

I have learned the first thing to do when a loved one feels angry, contentious, anxious or any type of sickness is to say a prayer to remove dark entities.
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There are various types of negative dark entities but it isn’t important when praying to get rid of them to identify each type. However, if you are interested in the different categories of dark entities, I included these definitions on my list of “terms” page.

Where do dark entities come from

There are also various opinions about where dark entities come from. Personally, I choose to favor the documentation presented in the book, “Life in the World Unseen” by Anthony Borgia that negative entities’ residence merges with the surface of the earth. For more details, see my blog post, “World of Spirts“.

Focus on Light While Praying to Remove Dark Entities
We can receive healing like in the New Testament by learning to pray to remove dark entities.  I testify praying with certain words and with intention gets rid of dark entities.
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I have concluded through prayer that the best method for me to remove negative dark entities is by commanding them by God’s power to go to the light of Jesus Christ (or the name you refer to as God or the creator of the existence where we reside) to be assigned their proper place by God and angels.  While praying I focus on light in my mind to create more healing power. This method leaves what happens to all categories/kinds of dark beings to be determined by God. I feel some are healed through God’s love, and others are bound or consumed by God’s power, but I leave that to God to judge and determine.

You may choose to use a different method of removal than I do which is perfectly fine. There is more than one method that works so whatever works best for you is great.

Pray to Remove Dark Entities

Prior to offering the prayer to remove dark entities, place a shield of protection around your pets by offering the shielding prayer. Sometimes if negative entities are commanded to leave you and your loved ones, they retaliate by attaching to your pet(s) causing more problems and possible injuries to your pet(s).

Following is a sample prayer to remove dark entities.

By the power of Jesus Christ (or the title you refer to as God), I command all types of dark entities and energies in and around or pointed at _____________(the name of the person, place and/or thing) to go to the light of Christ (or the title you refer to as God) and to be assigned your proper place by God and angels never to return to the aforementioned people, places and things. Thank you.

Feel free to change the wording to fit your personality as long as the meaning of the prayer is not altered. To be effective, it is important to use authentic heartfelt emotion when pronouncing healing prayers. It is best to eventually make the prayers I share your own, but starting with a memorized prayer is a good beginning.

This prayer may be repeated if more dark entities return which they most likely will if you or someone you care about is being sought after by the adversary.  In fact, during times of difficulty, it is not uncommon to repeat this prayer numerous times per day.

Around or In a Person, Place, or Thing

We had an experience where we were praying for a dark entity to leave our son, but it continued to cause havoc.  We prayed for help and we were led to a man that explained this entity was not in our son, it was causing problems from a distance.  This is why it is important to command the entities in and around a person/place/thing to go to the light of God.  This powerful entity was a master at afflicting our son from a distance.  We were doing a good job shielding our son so entities could not enter him, but at that time we did not understand the problems dark negative entities can cause from a distance.

Dark Portals

Pray to Remove Dark Entities - Types of dark and aliens enter people, places, and things through spirit portals they create.
Photo by Christopher Burns 

Negative dark entities enter people, places, and things through spirit portals they create. A portal is a door or some type of opening to move freely from one place to another. It is important to learn how to close dark portals in order to stop their method of entrance into people, places and things. To learn more about how to close dark portals, see my blog post, “Satanic Portals – “Guidance to Get Rid of Satanic Portals”.

Spiritual Shield Protection Prayer 

After you have offered a prayer to remove dark entities and to close dark portals, it is important to protect the individual(s) with a shield by saying a spiritual shield protection prayer. See the provided link to learn how to offer this type of prayer.

Fragmented Spirit

When dealing with dark entities, sometimes it causes so much stress your inner spirit can fragment or also called a fractured spirit/soul. Some will tell you it is impossible to heal a fractured spirit but that is not true. I have successfully reunited people’s spirits through heartfelt prayer more times than I can count so I know it is possible. It is very IMPORTANT to reunite a fractured spirit because healing prayers will NOT work if the spirit is fractured. To learn more about reuniting a fractured spirit, see my blog post, “Prayer to Heal a Fractured Spirit“.

Soul Fragmentation – Negative Fragments

There is another type of spirit or soul fragmentation the majority of people do not know about.

Soul fragmentation can occur when a dark being knowingly or unknowingly, leaves a small fragment of their spirit when they pronounce a curse upon their victim. This small spirit fragment also has a small streamer of energy spiritually connecting the negative being (who pronounced the curse) to their victim enabling increased ability to negatively influence their victim through this invisible attachment.

Soul fragmentation because of invading negative fragments can also be healed through prayer. For more details, see my post titled, “Soul Fragmentation – Negative Fragments – Prayer Included”.

Mental illness interrelated

Living with my son who lives with Bipolar II Disorder has taught me that mental illness can be interrelated to stress from dark negative entities and/or a fragmented spirit or soul fragmentation.

Breaking Curses, Hexes and Spells

It is common after negative dark entities have been removed, dark portals have been closed, a shield of protection is in place for some negative residue to remain. Negative entities often place curses, hexes, and spells upon their victims that also need to be healed. To learn about prayers to break all types of curses and other negative programming placed in or around a person for the purpose of controlling and manipulation, see the healing prayer, “Breaking Curses Prayer“.

Aliens, some of the most difficult entities

Some dark entities do not respond to the creator of the existence where we reside. An alien is a foreigner from a different existence and they do not respond to the creator of our earth galaxy existence. To learn how to get rid of aliens, who I believe are some of the most difficult entities, read my post, “Alien Entity Removal“.

Healing Prayer by Power of God the Father

Pray to Pull out Dark Entities - Some healing prayers need to be offered in the name of Heavenly Father for some individuals.
Photo by Jon Tyson 

Some healing prayers need to be offered in the name of Heavenly Father for some individuals.  I share a few more details about this in my post titled “Healing Prayer by Power of God the Father” if you would like to read it too.

Feeling Desperate – Quick Jumpstart to Remove Negative Entities

I have had a lot of people contact me feeling alone, misunderstood, and desperate fighting the battle to remove negative entities so I wrote a blog post to share 3 simple jumpstart steps to remove negative entities with urgency.

So, if you are feeling desperate and feel an urgency to remove negative entities quickly, my three simple jumpstart steps will help you to achieve faster results. Refer to my post titled, “Desperate! – 3 Simple Steps to Remove Negative Entities”.

Prayer to Heal the Heart

Dark entities understand the heart is central to convert a person to the way of darkness and negativity rather than light as explained in the following words:

Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

Proverbs 4:23
Pray to Takeover Dark Entities - Dark entities understand the heart is central to convert a person to the way of darkness and negativity rather than light as explained in the following words...

Because these words help us to understand all issues of life generate from the heart, it can be beneficial to say a specific prayer to heal our hearts, in addition, to pray to remove dark entities. These prayers can heal you from the damage of the adversary who is a master at planting negativity into the heart through various emotions of fear: guilt, shame, hate, anger, resentment, blaming, etc.

Here is an example prayer I say to heal the heart.

By the power of Jesus Christ (or the name you refer to as God), I command all unholy desires and fears including all negative emotions to be removed from _________________’s heart(s) and replaced with the light of God. Thank you.

Healing the heart is central to solving many adverse conditions and situations so spending a bit of time on your heart is time well-spent.

Relationship between praying for others and healing

It has taken me a long time to understand that praying for others or sending positive thoughts to others speeds up and maintains healing. To further understand how praying for others is an important component in the healing process, see my blog post titled, “Praying for Others”.

Muscle testing and pendulums

It is a good idea to learn to muscle test or use a pendulum so you can test if dark negative entities are in or around a person.

It can be helpful to learn to muscle test or use a pendulum so you can test for negative dark entities.  I wrote a blog post about muscle testing and pendulums if you would like to learn more about these helpful tools.

Does Fasting Help to Remove Negative Entities?

Does fasting help to remove negative entities? Yes, it most definitely does, and sometimes it is necessary to fast along with praying to remove dark entities.

Even Christ’s apostles who left everything to follow Christ sometimes were not successful in removing a negative entity. They asked Christ why and He told them this kind doesn’t come out except by fasting and prayer.

Then came the disciples to Jesus apart, and said, Why could not we cast him out?……

Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.

To learn more about fasting with success, see my blog post titled, “Fasting – A Helpful Fasting Guide”.

Conclusion – Entity Removal and Healing

As you may have noticed, there are a number of healing prayers and methods that will enable you and those you love to learn how to deal with negative entities in order to heal and enjoy a productive life.

Afterward –Signs of dark entities including demons

If you would like to learn more about dark entities, I wrote another blog post about the “Signs of Dark Entities Including Demons” to help you learn to identify when entities are present.

Afterward II – Best Method – Prevent Negative Entities

The best method to deal with negative entities is to take steps to prevent them. For entity prevention tips, see my blog titled, “How to Prevent Negative Entities”.

Afterward III – The difference between the role of prayer and the role of energy healing work

To help others understand the difference between the role of prayer to heal and the role of energy healing work., I wrote a blog post titled, “Prayer Versus Energy Work” to explain the difference between “helping” and “healing”. If you are confused about your healing journey, this post will most likely be helpful information to tuck away in your memory bank.


  1. Thank you so much for wonderful article. I am currently struggling very hard to remove dark energies, demons and I wondered if you ever do a one to one call to get some more advice and help. Thank you again so much.

    1. I don’t but I am going to be writing more blogs on this subject because there are quite a few interested in more information. Is there anything particular you would like me to address?

      1. I hate to impose on your comment to another but I would love to hear your thoughts on a person who is of adult years now that has dabbled in witchcraft in younger days and may have some issues with demonic oppression, also elaborate on that issue because I personally believe if a person is a Christian they cannot be possessed by demons but certainly oppression can sometimes creep in during weak times. Your thoughts?

        1. I believe most make poor choices especially while younger and exploring. I also believe we can heal from poor choices if we have the correct knowledge; so, searching for true knowledge is imperative to healing. Here is a link to a blog that explains how truth helps us heal:

          Experience has taught me anyone can become possessed regardless of their religion. I have met numerous Christians who have or are still being plagued by demons and other types of dark entities. I didn’t even used to believe there were demons or dark entities, but God taught me differently when dark entities began to personally affect my life. In my experience, good people who are trying to gain light and become better are the biggest targets of the adversary/darkness. The dark side hates light because it devours darkness and dark beings. Therefore, the dark side does everything possible to stop the progression of light by attacking those who are striving to gain light. Part of this existence we reside in is dealing with opposition which I address in my blog, “Education of Darkness Leads to Rewards of Light”. I am including a link to this blog below:

          May blessings be upon you.

  2. I have an entity in my home that keeps taking things ie: jewelry thermometer, measuring tape , rings , I have lived with the entity 23+ yrs , he even slapped my butt one day, usually I am not concerned, but it has taken a diamond necklace and a emerald ring that had belonged to my mother and this is really upsetting. It’s the 2nd time for the ring I found it in between couch cushions the first time, I live alone and there is not a single person who knew where I kept this jewelry. Any suggestions?

  3. I said this prayer so many times and nothing happened. I still have the entity attaching itself and touching me day in day out it’s really effecting my mental health I have even burned sage and nothing! Please help!!! Before I commit suicide!!!

    1. I am sorry for the high stress you are experiencing. I will contact you personally to ask you a couple of questions.

    2. Do not do such event . Here is going to start working. First seek Jesus and learn if your heart is close to the eyes of Jesus.. Love all people no matter what. Gain ground by prayer.. and most of all ask JESUS of what tools of bible you need.. that way lost people can not lead you confused. You need baptised of what JESUS SHOWS YOU… yes he will show you.. just be DEVOTED TO HIM.. i do not know when but he will come and help. TO BUILD THE RELATIONSHIP AND PUSH FORWARD .. GET HIS ATTENTION. AND MOST OF ALL DO NOT GIVE UP.. thats what evil wants.. as be sure JESUS SAID. “HE WILL NOT FAIL 3 TIMES .. and of today.. keep him and follow him with awe your heart,mind,and soul.. let him come in to you.. Ps ask him to come into your life and start a new exciting journey.. he will show you.. not people.. pray with TRUTH JESUS BLESS YOU AND FAMILY

  4. My mother has been dealing with tarot cards, palm readers(warlocks she called them) and things like that I’m not sure if it’s witchcraft or what I just don’t know what is going on. her roommate & boyfriend does tarot cards and things dealing with that also. She says someone has put a curse or something on her. It’s a ringing noise in her ear and just has random outburst she is totally not the same person she will randomly yell out “in the name of Jesus in the blood of Jesus” she has always been so spiritual so this is why is so weird to me!!

  5. Would it be possible to talk to someone regarding my bizarre symptoms in my kitchen? I’m confused whether it’s spiritual I’m nature.

  6. Why use a “pendulum “? Isn’t that like using a “crystal”? This opening another doorway? Is this somehow biblical?

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