Ability to Communicate Shutdown- Praying Instead Talking

I have spent hours striving to communicate with my son, Darrell, who lives with Bipolar II disorder because I didn’t understand at times Darrell’s ability to communicate was shutdown. Numerous times I thought I was successful in helping Darrell understand a concept, only to discover a short time later he didn’t grasp what I was trying to convey.

Ability to Communicate Shutdown

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Dog Kennel For Cat – Indoor Cat Not Possible

If you would like a cat, but it is not possible or you don’t desire an indoor cat, you may want to consider using a dog kennel for a cat. A dog kennel has plenty of space while keeping your pet safe from predators and prowlers.

Gravity, an energetic and curious cat

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How to Prevent Negative Entities -New Age Movement Alert

I have been asked several times how to prevent negative entities. I want to answer everyone in one swoop by addressing this subject in this blog post.

Caution! Surprising Locations of Danger

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Where Does Darkness Come From -The Scary Darkness

We all experience being in the dark each time the sun goes down. But where does the type of darkness come from that is scary and makes you feel afraid?

Darkness existed before light

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5 Unordinary Reasons Why Life After Death Is Believable

If you still wonder about life after death, you will want to take a look at these 5 unordinary reasons why life after death is believable.

Reason 1- If life was a one and done arrangement

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Why People Get Sick – Unique Documentation

I was a bit taken back when, Julie, an associate stated that those with sick minds or spirits, referring to those with mental illnesses, are sick mainly because of poor choices. I didn’t immediately know how to respond to her belief, but the first chance I got, I wrote this blog post to present unique documentation on why people get sick.

Why people get sick

It is given that everyone experiences sickness. It is also a given that it is impossible to identify all the reasons why people get sick. However, it may be possible to determine poor choices that were made leading to illness. And on the other hand, it may also be possible to identify “no-fault” reasons associated with sickness.

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Fasting -A Helpful Fasting Guide -Negative Entity Removal

I told my husband I feel like a hypocrite talking about fasting. He suggested to let you know that fasting is difficult for me but I am gradually getting better at it by following a helpful fasting guide I created.

If fasting is difficult for you too, you will find the creative “fasts” and tips in this blog post helpful.

-Guideline #1 -All or Some – You can choose “SOME” food or drink

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The Little Mermaid Production -Rebellion at Age 56

This past year, I attended a production of The Little Mermaid with my mom and three older sisters (the first time we had been together since I chose to follow a different path than the rest of my family 2.5 years ago). I was surprised when I found myself easily relating to the rebellious conversations between Ariel and her father. This was a new experience for me.

Became absorbed with Ariel’s passion for humans

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Fear of Entities – Nothing to Fear – They Actually Fear You

I was teaching a lady how to say a few different effective healing prayers, but they weren’t working. As I pondered about why the negative entities weren’t responding to her healing prayers, I realized her fear of entities was blocking the necessary flow of light to get rid of the negative entities plaguing her.

Light is Key!

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6 Prayers Removal Negative Entities – Effective Relief

I woke up to the sound of a shrieking and wailing cry. I know by now not to join my son in his room to give him comfort. Negative entities do not respond well to anyone trying to interfere with their missions to control and spread negativity. Through experience I now understand, it is much more effective and powerful to immediately and mightily pray to God to get rid of negative entities. This particular situation required offering 6 prayers for the removal of negative entities and their side effects.

Number 1 of 6 Prayers Removal Negative Entities

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