Pray to Remove Dark Entities | Free and Effective Methods

I have a friend who studied the New Testament with the intent to further his knowledge about healings in the Bible.  He discovered that exactly half, 28 out of 56, were healed of their tormenting physical and/or mental illnesses by saying a prayer to remove dark or negative entities (New Testament term is “casting out”), and the person was blessed with healing. You can also learn how to pray to remove dark entities so you can experience healing too. 

Mental illness interrelated to dark or negative entities

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Children Left Mormonism – Surprised What I Learned About My Religion

Seven years ago, three of our children left Mormonism although we had attended church every week our whole lives.  I had heard of one and occasionally two, but never three leaving from one family at once. Our family attended church every week, we read the scriptures and prayed together on a daily basis, but yet our family was now divided.  Three of our six children left Mormonism.

Three children left Mormonism. Our family attended church every week, we read the scriptures and prayed together on a daily basis.... After studying Mormon history for seven years, our oldest daughter came to the sad conclusion what she had been taught as a Mormon student did not match her study of unaltered sources of Mormon church history from the BYU library.


Our oldest daughter, Ashirya, expressed she believed the Mormon church was dishonest about their history.  At the time, I thought her questions would be cleared up as she continued to seek truth.

BYU- Brigham Young University

Ashirya told me while attending Brigham Young University, she had questions about various happenings in Mormon history.  She asked her religion professors to answer her questions, but the professors rarely had answers.

Ashirya’s diligent, thorough, and persistent nature led her to the BYU library to find answers.  Unknown to us or anyone, she quietly began a seven-year study of Mormon church history. Although she found many inaccuracies, she continued to look for answers as to why the things she had learned from her Sunday school teachers and professors were often inaccurate.

Ashirya Discovers Many Discrepancies

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Faith Opposite of Fear

Faith Opposite of Fear

Fear, opposite of faith, is a tool of the adversary to open a doorway to allow negativity to influence or control us. 

And it came to pass that Moses began to fear exceedingly; and he began to fear, he saw the bitterness of hell.  Nevertheless, calling upon God, he received strength, and he commanded, saying: Depart from me, Satan, for this one God only will I worship, which is the God of glory.  Moses 1:20 

For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me. Job 3:25

Faith Opposite of Fear shields us from the adversary that can heal us and keep us safe from harm, accident, negativity, and evil.  In order to heal, faith is essential.

Faith Opposite of Fear

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