Life without Technology - Studies show that Facebook and Twitter promote jealousy and envy rather than contentment and confidence.

Life without Technology | Mental and Emotional Health

I can’t imagine life without technology.  I appreciate the many opportunities and conveniences it affords.   On the other hand, it recently came to my attention that adverse effects are increasing from overuse of technology.  Like most things, moderation is a necessary ingredient to keep balance.  Researchers are documenting our society is spending too much time on computers and cell phones throwing us out of balance which is negatively affecting our emotional, mental and physical well-being.

Life without Technology

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Three out of the five incarceration profiteers reportedly budget millions of dollars for lobbying.

Incarceration Profiteers | Money Motivation

I did not intend to write another blog related to mass incarceration but I kept receiving information about incarceration profiteers I felt I should pass along to others.  There are five large companies that promote incarceration to generate large profits of money.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but it really had not occurred to me that the motivation to incarcerate offenders for longer periods of time is related to greed.  FYI, my studies mentioned some of these U.S. based companies are currently trying to win prison and jail contracts in other countries.

Incarceration Profiteers and Lobbying

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This led me to ask myself the question, "Is food necessary for scripture group?"

Is Food Necessary for Scripture Group

My husband and I are in a scripture group we enjoy participating in.  Sometimes as I attend these group meetings, I feel spiritually fed and on occasion, even to the point of a spiritual feast.  However, quite often I have left disappointed.  Too often we allow the distractions of the world to intercept and steal what could have been a possible spiritual feast.  This led me to ask myself the question, “Is food necessary for scripture group?”

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"Arousal Addictions" are related chiefly to pornography, but there is a smaller group that have "arousal addictions" related to video games, but I will only be addressing the effects of watching pornography.

Effects Watching Pornography | Mental Disorders

There are some recent studies strongly indicating the effects of watching pornography can be related to mental disorders.  The large majority of health care providers are not trained to ask patients questions about the amount of time spent on high-speed internet viewing pornography if they are plagued with any of the following common mental disorders:

  • ADHD
  • Social Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Concentration Problems
  • Performance Anxiety
  • OCD

These common mental disorders could be related to an addiction called “arousal addiction”.

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