Mother to Mother | Pain of Psychosis Suicide

I received a special gift to visit, mother to mother, with another mother who understands caring for a child with a mental disorder.  I had a beautiful conversation about Amanda, the daughter of my friend, Jane.  I felt like Jane understood that I would understand what occurred in Amanda’s life because of my experiences caring for my son Darrell who is plagued with Bipolar II disorder.

Visiting Mother to Mother – Amanda’s story

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This is why many with mental disorders "hide out" which is instinctual when in "fight or flight response".

Fight or Flight Response – Related to Mental Disorders

The lack of flow in a person’s life with a mental disorder robs them of peace and well-being.  When mental, emotional, or spiritual dams develop, an inborn instinctual survival mechanism called “fight or flight response” turns on with the assignment to protect a person from more damage.  I would like to explain how this response affects those with mental disorders.

Fight or flight response and mental disorders

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I had the thought the best way "how to praise a grandchild" is to give praise that helps them look inside of themselves with honesty and self-love.

How to Praise a Grandchild | Promoting Self-Love

My two oldest grandchildren who are siblings were chosen as “Students of the Month” in September.  I pondered about how to praise a grandchild.  I don’t feel like the way I praised my children was as effective as I would have liked so I want to try a different method of praise.  I think one of the good points of being a grandparent is possessing a greater ability to approach a grandchild with more wisdom due to the recognition of past mistakes.

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