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As we worked through the circuit problems, I thought of a couple of questions about overloaded brain circuits.

We have a window mount air conditioner in one of the rooms of our home.  As the weather became hotter, the circuit breaker began to trip off.  I would reset it but it continued to trip off.  Because we didn’t figure out what the problem was, the circuit finally blew out and had to be replaced with a larger capacity circuit breaker to accommodate the air conditioner’s electrical needs.  As we worked through the circuit problems, I wondered about a couple of questions concerning overloaded brain circuits.

  1. I wondered if there is some sort of reset mechanism that kicks in to reset overloaded brain circuits.
  2. I wondered if overloaded brain circuits blow out and shut down similar to what happened to our air conditioner.

Frontal Lobe (the boss of the brain)

I began to do some research and I quickly realized I was wondering about a very complicated area of the body.  To simply explain, the president (the boss) of the brain is the frontal lobe located right behind the forehead and connects to all other parts of the brain.  In other words, the other parts of the brain work through connections to the frontal lobe which could be loosely compared to a house main breaker box (frontal lobe) providing electrical connections to all the rooms of a house (the brain).

Cells in the brain work in groups or communities

The frontal lobe tells neurons or cells that work together in groups or communities what to do.  An electrical circuit in a house works independently from the other circuits even though they both draw energy from the main breaker box.  As I studied this subject, I concluded that the electrical system of the brain is different and much more complicated than a house electrical system.

RNA that doesn’t leave the area can cause brain circuits to become miswired

About five years ago, medical researchers made an important discovery to further study more about.

  • Briefly, when a neuron (a brain cell) receives a signal to perform, this signal is forwarded to a protein sleeve that houses the gene which carries DNA.
  • Then the protein sleeve opens so the RNA can make an exact copy of the gene’s DNA.
  • Then the RNA’s job is to deliver the exact copy of the DNA, which is called RNA, to the place where it is to be made into a new protein.
  • Then the RNA is supposed to leave the area.

Medical researchers discovered that when the RNA doesn’t leave the area, it can cause brain circuits to become miswired.  Thus mental disorders from autism to mental retardation occur.  So, scientists and researchers are trying to figure out how to fix this problem.  I really wish brain research received more priority focus and would move at a faster rate.

Conclusive answers

Although I didn’t find conclusive answers to the overloaded brain circuits questions, it was a reminder that God knows a lot more about the brain than men do!

Video of how the brain powers thoughts

This short YouTube video does a great job of simplifying how the brain works.

Top Featured Photo by John Carlisle

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