No Brain | Physical Body and Brain Changes

While existing with no brain is a freeing and exhilarating existence in the spirit world, we all know it is impossible to live more than a short period of time with no brain in a physical body while incarnate. 

After exiting the physical body into the spirit realm, Reverend Benson and those in the spirit world discover the wonderful freedom afforded without the limitations of the physical brain.   Living in the spirit realm with “no brain” alleviates the need to process thoughts through physical matter, which makes communication more efficient.  Desired abilities are attained with ease when thoughts do not need to be processed through the brain.   

It must be understood that the mind of the incarnate is limited in its range of action by the physical brain.  In the spirit world, we have no physical brain to hamper us. Pg 127, The World Unseen, Anthony Borgia

Difficulties of brain disorders

While existing with no brain is a freeing and exhilarating existence in the spirit world, we all know it is impossible to live more than a short period of time with no brain in a physical body while incarnate.  While it is possible to live with brain disorders, there are descriptions describing the “hellish” difficulties while living in a physical body with a brain that does not function properly.

Patricia’s describes living with Schizophrenia

A lady named Patricia explains the agony of trying to converse with those close to her because her brain disorder does not allow her to communicate properly.  In other words, Patricia’s inner self has been locked away without the ability to communicate and make connections with others, causing Patricia daily agony.

“There is agony in not being able to communicate…The unusual aloneness I feel is only made worse by the physical closeness of someone with whom I am trying so desperately to connect.  This disconnection is not conscious; I cannot control what can or cannot be conveyed. I am blocked by a brain that scrambles thoughts, and a bony structure that will not let me pass beyond its boundaries.”-  Patricia Ruocchio, who lives with schizophrenia, and describes the illness as “a prison of the mind”- NAMI Family to Family, pg 7.15, 2013

The physical composure of the body

I realized that saying a prayer to remove dark entities gets rid of beings that cause havoc within the body, mind, and spirit; however, this prayer is not a plea to heal the physical body.  For example, this prayer does not include asking for changes to be made to the physical brain.  This is why I am also focusing on the brain in faith that the brain will be physically healed by changing whatever needs to be altered in the brain in order to heal physically and mentally as well as spiritually.

Most of the time spent working on the spirit

I have spent most of my time working on people’s spirits.  For instance, when I shield someone, I am putting up a spiritual shield of protection.  Also, when I reunite someone’s spirit, this heals the spirit, which does affect the physical body positively; however, there is still negative residue that hangs around the physical body even after the spirit body is healed from dark energy. 

My point is that several healing prayers I often say are not targeted to make physical changes to the body or to heal the physical body.  

Talk Therapy

Therapists speak about the benefits of “talk therapy” but I am coming to understand it doesn’t benefit those who are locked away without the ability to communicate properly.  Until medicines are found, or miracles happen that enable those with severe brain disorders to make connections with others so they can communicate through “talk therapy”, they will not be benefited.


My experience has taught me that the spiritual body heals easier than the physical and mental bodies. I believe if we persist, spiritual healing can gain momentum as our faith increases, then spiritual healing can break through into the physical world by the power of increased faith. This is the reason I keep working to heal and help others to heal.

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