True Colloidal Silver | Nano Silver – Eye Infections, Pimples, Rashes

I have learned from first-hand experience true colloidal silver benefits eye infections, pimples, rashes.  It can cure all three. 

I have learned from first-hand experience true colloidal silver in Nano Silver form benefits eye infections, pimples, rashes.  It can cure all three.

Eye Infections

A couple of years ago when I had an eye infection, my friend told me to put a drop or two of true colloidal silver in Nano Silver form in my eyes to cure the infection.   I was leery of putting something in my eyes I had never heard of before, but since I didn’t want to use my time or resources to go see a doctor to prescribe eye medicine for me, I conservatively sprayed the outside of my eyes with Nano Silver* and then blinked.  I continued to spray my eyes two or three times per day for three days.  I noticed my eyes improved after the first dose, and the infection seemed to be gone on the second day of application, but I decided to continue to apply for one more day to make sure it was completely gone.  I was pleased something so easy and simple worked so well.


Since I started using true colloidal silver in Nano Silver form for eye infections, I had the thought to spray it on a pimple.  It worked, however, it does take longer for pimples to go away than it did for my eye infection to disappear.


I have treated a couple of my husband’s rashes with true colloidal silver in Nano Silver form.  It worked for”yeast” rashes that developed under his belt, but “allergic” rashes did not respond.


My friend also told me that true colloidal silver is a great deodorant so I tried it.  It worked great.  Later, I found this deodorant recipe with Nano Silver that I really enjoy.

Homemade Deodorant with Nano Silver

  • 1.5 ounce Nano Silver
  • 6 drops tea tree essential oil
  • 6 drops lemongrass essential oil (I love the smell of this oil)
  • One 2-ounce glass spray bottle

Add both essential oils to the glass spray bottle.  Add Nano Silver and shake well.  Use underarms as needed.  The lemongrass makes this deodorant smell so good.

Can Extend the Life of Freshly Juiced Fruits and Vegetables

Add about 1 T. true colloidal silver per pint of freshly made juice to extend the life of freshly juiced fruits and vegetables.


I have used true colloidal silver internally without any noticeable changes.  I have tried taking it when I had an internal infection, e.g., a bladder infection, but it didn’t work.  I have also tried taking it as a preventative supplement for several months but I quit because I didn’t feel it was making a difference.


I think true colloidal silver in Nano Silver form is great when used externally, but it hasn’t shown obvious benefits when I have used it internally.

7 Things You Should Know About Silver Nanoparticles and Health

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