Musical Notes of the Heart | Not Notes of a Song

These notes reside in a musical organ called the human heart.   That is correct, a musically healthy heart has eight musical notes.  In other words, a full octave.

A friend introduced my husband and me to the concept of “musical notes of the heart” that reside in the human heart. A loving heart has eight musical notes, a full octave.  On the other hand, the human heart can have as few as zero musical notes.

Musical notes of the heart

My husband and I have tinkered with this concept of “musical notes of the heart” and found it to be fascinating.  People sometimes talk about how the heart chakra is the love center of the body.  After tinkering with “musical notes of the heart”, I believe the heart does decide whether to accept or give love.

How many musical notes of the heart 

How do you know how many musical notes a person has?

Muscle testing and pendulums can be used to find how many musical notes a person has.   To learn more about these two techniques, feel free to click on the above link.


From our observations of experimenting with musical notes, the more love and compassion a person has, the higher the number of musical notes found in the heart.


My husband and I did a couple of “musical notes” experiments.  We thought back about people who made us feel uneasy or uncomfortable in past years.  We then tested to see how many “musical notes” each of these individuals had.  We discovered they had between zero and three musical notes of the heart.

Second Experiment

As we continued to experiment with “musical notes”, my husband and I noticed the majority of couples tend to have a similar number of musical notes.  Fives tend to attract those with four, five or six musical notes.  Threes tend to attract those with two, three or four musical notes, etc.

A person can have up to an octave or eight musical notes of the heart and as little as zero musical tones.
Photo by Kristopher Roller


You may be surprised to learn who has eight musical notes and who has one musical note.  My husband and I discovered that devoutly religious leaders often have a low number of musical notes while other less respected people often have a higher number of musical notes.  You most likely will encounter some surprises too!

Paternal and maternal grandfathers

My paternal grandfather was very religious and served as the bishop of his local congregation.  He was considered “righteous” by his family, but he had only two musical notes (he passed away over twenty years ago, but I still received an answer as to how many musical notes he had).

On the other hand, my maternal grandfather, who was an alcoholic, and only occasionally attended church had seven musical notes.  As a child, I remember feeling my maternal grandfather loved me.  I wrote a blog about this grandfather if you would like to know more insights about him and his battle with alcoholism.

Bible scripture

The Bible tells us “what we think in our hearts is who we are”.  We may want to give our thoughts closer consideration as they seem to affect the musical tone of our hearts.

For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he. Proverbs 23:7


If you need to know if you can trust certain individuals when making important decisions, you may want to consider testing how many musical notes they have.  When doing business, my husband and I feel comfortable trusting those who have seven or eight musical notes.

I thought my readers may want to explore “musical notes of the heart” too and try doing some experiments of your own to decide if this concept would be helpful to you and your loved ones.  I hope you enjoy exploring this fascinating concept as much as my husband and I did.

Top Featured Photo by Jamie Street

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