Muscle Testing and Pendulums | Higher-Self Guidance

Both muscle testing and pendulums are sources of communication to receive guidance from our spiritual self or higher self.

Our physical bodies are designed to respond to true statements with muscle strength and false statements with weakness.  Muscle testing and pendulums are sources of communication to receive guidance from our higher self or higher consciousness.   I wrote a previous blog post explaining details about the higher self if you would like to learn more about this aspect of yourself.

Short clear statements for muscle testing and pendulums

I have found using short, clear statements is more accurate and reliable than asking questions when using muscle and pendulum testing. Take, for instance, rather than asking, “Is this olive oil good for my body?” Make it into a statement:  This olive oil is good for my body.  Then you can muscle or pendulum test to see if the information is true or false.  Short statements also promote clarity.

Remove Dark Entities

Before muscle and pendulum testing, it is essential to remove all dark negative entities in and around yourself and those you are working on so the entities do not block the reception of correct answers. See the above link if you would like further directions on how to remove dark entities.

Accuracy and preferences

I suggest trying both muscle testing and pendulums to see what works best for you.  No matter which one you prefer, it takes practice for most people to excel at either skill.

Super Helpful Tip

Muscle Testing and Pendulums - The pendulums I use go forward and backward for the answer yes or true; they go sideways for the answer no or false.
Photo by Jonas Jacobsson

The pendulums I use go forward and backward for the answer yes or true, and they go sideways for the answer no or false.

A super helpful TIP: I  think of the “forward and backward” pendulum motion, like when you nod your head “yes,” and the sideways pendulum motion, like when you shake your head “no.”  This helps me remember the difference between yes or true answers and no or false ones.

Cleansing your pendulum

I also recommend resetting your pendulum to ensure you aren’t picking up the energy of those living with you or those you have worked on previously.  I suggest using one of the following energy-cleansing methods while focusing your intention to cleanse your pendulum of foreign or unwanted energies:

  • Put your pendulum in a bowl of sea salt and stir it around a few times.  Make sure the salt completely covers the pendulum.
  • Put your pendulum under running cold water for 30 seconds or longer.
  • Put your pendulum in the moonlight for a couple of hours or longer.
  • Put your pendulum in the sunlight for a couple of hours or longer.

A video I like about how to use a pendulum

Below is a video link I recommend viewing that shows how to use a pendulum.

How to use a pendulum

Please note how the demonstrator holds the pendulum with three fingers (the thumb, index, and middle fingers) in the non-receiving hand to allow the energy to flow correctly because the tall finger is positive, the pointer finger is negative, and the thumb is neutral.  FYI, the receiving hand of most people is the right hand because that is the preferred hand for the majority of people, as explained in the “How to use a Pendulum” video.

Helpful Videos – Various muscle testing methods to explore

You can communicate with your higher self using various methods of muscle testing, also known as kinesiology.  Many Youtube videos present various muscle testing methods.  I chose to share the following three short videos that effectively demonstrate different options to explore and try out.

  1. Katherine Telsinger shares three methods of self-muscle testing.
  2. Willow System with Rita Harrison shares a reliable self-muscle test and some very good muscle testing tips.
  3. Dr. Whitten shares five methods of muscle testing. Dr.Whitten’s presentation isn’t as clear as I prefer, however, he does show a couple of different muscle testing methods that may work for some so I decided to share his video. *Again, I highly recommend using short statements rather than questions as sometimes shown in these videos.

Neutral mindset 

It is best not to depend on muscle and pendulum testing if you have deep emotional desires when trying to get an answer about something you really want.  When you become highly emotionally charged because of a deep passion for something, it can affect the accuracy of muscle and pendulum testing.  For best results, use muscle and pendulum testing with a neutral mindset.


Muscle testing and pendulums are good tools to help you receive “yes or no” answers and “true or false” answers to understand better what is needed to heal.

Afterward – What does God think about muscle testing and pendulums?

If you are wondering what God thinks about muscle testing and pendulums, I wrote a blog post sharing scripture verses to clarify God’s views concerning this subject if you would like to check this post out.

Top Featured Photo by Jesper Aggergaard


  1. Pendulum and muscle testing are new age occult practices. (Metaphysics). If this website is Christian, believes in God and Jesus Christ dying for our sins..then new age practices shouldnt be mixed into this website. Which team are you professing to playing for? Occult or God?. Pick one. If you dont believe me simply muscle test, sway test or pendulum test this simple question..”are you under the authority of Jesus Christ of Nazareth?”.. you will get a negative answer. This topic is NOT healthy by God. This is new age. Dont be fooled by the evil one.

    1. Thank you for your comment. In the Bible, it is recorded that Christians cast lots to receive answers. Pendulum and muscle testing are forms of casting lots. They are tools to employ until you have mastered listening purely to the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost to receive heavenly answers. When I started doing healing work, I mostly depended on a pendulum, but now I mostly depend on the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost to receive heavenly answers. However, I do understand that we all have to be on our toes to make sure we are hearing the voice of God rather than following the voice of the adversary who uses trickery and disguise to deceive people. I address this sometimes confusing subject at the following link:
      I also posted a warning to beware of occult activity at the following link:

      1. Thank you, I love this article. I have to disagree with Shirley about this being part of the occult or one of satans tools to deceive. I also disagree that metaphysics is evil. Sure it can be used for dark purposes but it’s personally helped me get back in touch with who I really am and helped me grow spiritually. In fact I was just at a metaphysics shop today and bought some crystals and a new pendulum.
        I’m Christian, or LDS if you want to be more specific, and I believe we are given many tools to receive guidance from God or our higher self. Just because something is labeled as “new age” or “occult” doesn’t mean it’s evil. After all, we are literally entering a NEW AGE of Enlightenment, and there’s just as much good as there is bad in every aspect of life. Not only does God speak to all of His people no matter what religion they are, He’s also given us diverse ways to receive His guidance, many of those things most religions don’t teach. At the same time, satan will try to counterfeit everything God does to try to deceive. He’s also very good at convincing people things like pendulums and muscle testing are always evil in order to try to keep us cut off from Christ as much as he can. That’s ironic, isn’t it? A spirit so dark he convinces people to stay away from “evil” things like this. If it truly were evil, he would be convincing people they were good.
        I also like your article about getting rid of dark entities. They can give us false answers and hopes without us even realizing. Light and dark get equal playing time in this life.
        You have some really great content and I appreciate you sharing these things with people. If people criticize some of these things, they just aren’t ready for it. For those who are, they will receive it well and feel the truth of what you’re saying.
        Keep it up!!

    2. Wow!! Unbelievable. In a world that needs support from all God’s children, what an attack on spirituality and beliefs other than one’s own.

      1. It is not my motive to attack anyone’s spirituality or beliefs. I merely present what I believe to be true. It is impossible to present information that will be agreeable to all God’s children. Some will agree and some will disagree as you have which I respect. Everyone is free to speak their opinion which I also respect. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you for writing this helpful and well-balanced article. I have to admit the only thing I found shocking was the level of fear, anger, and judgement expressed in some of the comments you received. In a universe that demonstrates divinity through the immense diversity and beauty reflected in all sentient beings, it would be a very limited belief system that holds only one way of healing or connecting to our divinity exists. That is a painful place to live and I hope that each person who reads your article can connect through a place of peace to find intuitively what works for them. Thank you for helping to expand the knowledge and options for those who are open to seeing the limitless possibilities that have been so divinely provided to assist us on our journey.

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