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Both muscle testing and pendulums are sources of communication to receive guidance from our spiritual self or higher self.

Our physical bodies have been designed to respond to true statements with muscle strength and to false statements with weakness.  Both muscle testing and pendulums are sources of communication to receive guidance from our higher-self or higher-consciousness.   I wrote a previous blog explaining details about the higher-self if you would like to learn more about this aspect of yourself.

Short clear statements for muscle testing and pendulums

I have found using short clear statements are more accurate and reliable for me than asking questions when using muscle testing and pendulums. Take for instance, rather than asking, “Is this olive oil good for my body?”  Make it into a statement:  This olive oil is good for my body.  Then you can muscle or pendulum test to see if the statement is true or false.  It is also best to keep statements short which promotes clarity.

Muscle testing

You can communicate with your higher-self using various methods of muscle testing also known as kinesiology.  There are many Youtube videos that present various muscle testing methods.  I chose to share the following two videos that are short, but yet demonstrate several different options to try out.

  1. Holly Worton shares seven or eight methods of muscle testing.
  2. I also found two other methods presented in a video entitled “Basic Muscle testing” by Christ Centered Energy that are unique and good methods.


I suggest trying both muscle testing and pendulums to see what works best for you.  

How to use a pendulum

My husband prefers muscle testing and has a high accuracy rate using this method.  I prefer using a pendulum rather than muscle testing.  I feel more secure about pendulums because my answer accuracy rate is better than muscle testing.  I suggest trying both muscle testing and pendulums to see what works best for you.  No matter which one you prefer, it takes practice for most people to excel at either skill.

Helpful Tip

The pendulums I use go forward and backward for the answer yes or true; they go sideways for the answer no or false.

A helpful TIP: I  think of the “forward and backward” pendulum motion like when we nod our heads “yes”, and the sideways pendulum motion like when we nod our heads “no”.  This helps me remember the difference between yes or true answers and no or false ones.

Two videos on how to use a pendulum

Below are a couple of video links on how to use a pendulum.  In the first video, Josie introduces the pendulum as a tool to receive psychic guidance which isn’t the best way to describe the use of a pendulum.  You don’t have to have any psychic skills to use a pendulum effectively.  However, after Josie’s brief introduction of the pendulum, she shares some good information and tips about the pendulum.

How to use a pendulum and get accurate answers by Josie

Katie shares a short pendulum demonstration that covers some different points than Josie that are also worthwhile.

How to use pendulums for yes and no questions

Neutral mindset 

It is best not to depend on muscle testing and pendulums if you have deep emotional desires when trying to get an answer about something you really really want.  When you become highly emotionally charged because of a deep desire for something, it can affect the accuracy of muscle testing and pendulums.  For best results, use muscle testing and pendulums with a neutral mindset.


Muscle testing and pendulums are great tools to help us all receive useful insights and guidance.

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