More Healing Signs – Update about My Son

More healing signs - I am very pleased with Darrell's progress of more healing signs in the past six months. I continue to feel very hopeful.

I have noticed more healing signs in the past few months indicating that my son’s symptoms of Bipolar II Disorder are diminishing.

NAMI class

A year ago this month, after a two-year adjustment to the news that my son, Darrell, had a mental disorder, I signed up to take a NAMI class (National Alliance on Mental Illness).

I don’t feel settled

The 12- week course helped me a lot with one exception. The first day of class, I was surprised when the NAMI teacher read the words straight from the course curriculum, “There is no cure for mental illness”. I was disappointed because all three psychiatrists Darrell had seen told me he could possibly get well. The NAMI course curriculum explains, “getting well” means to be stabilized with medications and counseling, but statistics show mental illnesses cannot be cured.

I do understand that NAMI teaches this information to prepare people for what is statistically probable, however, I don’t feel settled accepting the statistics.

I Believe

Despite the odds, I believe my son, Darrell, will get well. I continue to educate myself about mental disorders especially Bipolar II disorder, and I continue to exercise my faith through regular heartfelt prayer that he will get well.

Darrell has thankfully maintained the improvements I shared about six months ago.

  1. Psychotic free
  2. Suicidal thoughts rarer
  3. Going to stores and restaurants with no anxiety attacks
  4. Focus improved

More Healing Signs to current date

The following are more healing signs that have occurred in the last six months.

  • No psychotic episodes for one year on May 1, 2019
  • No anxiety attacks for six months
  • Focus continues to improve
  • Now taking reduced dosages of medications
  • Moods are more stable and positive
  • Less incoherent (scrambled) thoughts but still dealing with some incoherence.
  • Less isolated by spending less time in his room and more time in the living area of our home.
  • Engaging in more conversations with my husband and me.

Stopping to look at this list of improvements, increases my desire to keep perservering.


My research has led me to conclude the root of most illness is an energy problem. Energy is meant to flow and make connections throughout the body. If energy short circuits causing a break in regular energy flow, this causes energy to get stuck. If energy remains stuck in one spot for long periods of time, illness develops.

There is good news. If good energy replaces bad energy, gradually restoring healthy energy flow, a state of good health is regained. How is this possible?

By focusing new energy in the form of light to areas where healing is needed, promotes healing. This is generally accomplished through meditation or energy work which are closely related.


I am very pleased with Darrell's progress in the past six months showing more healing signs.  I plan to continue to meditate, pray, and study because I believe this formula is working.
Photo by Jen Loong

This is the reason I meditate for my son on a daily basis. I focus energy in the form of light into certain targeted areas (my studies indicate the most effective healing occurs from focusing on certain areas of the head). After I determine what works best, I will update my findings.


I am very pleased with Darrell’s progress of more healing signs in the past six months. I plan to continue to meditate, pray, and study because I believe this formula is working.

Top Featured Photo by Ankush Minda

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