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I desire to share the meditation for my son that has formulated in my mind and heart.
As I have continued to search for knowledge to help my son, Darrell, heal from a severe depressive disorder with some psychosis, I have been moved upon to meditate for him.  I desire to share this meditation for my son that has formulated in my mind and heart.
Drawn to an image of a healthy brain
Often when I can’t fall to sleep, I watch a YouTube video.  When I get tired, I close my laptop lid without closing out of YouTube.  I followed my normal YouTube routine, and the next morning, when I opened the lid, there was a video about the brain loading on my computer screen.  I paid attention because I sensed the video was sent through heavenly means.  I was most drawn to an image of a healthy brain as I viewed this video.  I didn’t know why at that time, but when I began to meditate for my son, I knew I needed to envision that healthy brain shape which looks similar to the image below. I was most drawn to an image of a healthy brain as I viewed this video.  I didn't know why at that time, but when I began to meditate for my son, I knew I needed to envision that healthy brain shape.

Meditation for my son inspiration

A few days after I discovered what a healthy brain looks like, a friend sent me a link to the story of Joe Dispenza’s healing of six compressed and fractured vertebrae through meditation after being hit by a vehicle while biking.  His story inspired me to begin meditating again.  He could have possibly been in a wheelchair if he would have chosen Harrington rod back surgery over the faith to do what his inner-being told him to do.  I encourage you to take 6 minutes to listen to his incredible story on YouTube.
Those with mental disorders need assistance from someone who loves them very much
Some with mental disorders are not able to be independent so they depend on others who love them to help them.  I suppose it depends on the mental disorder as to how much the affected can do for themselves.  Although we tried, my son has not been able to remove dark entities, shield, meditate, etc. (links for all explanations provided below) for himself.  In fact, he has not responded positively when he knew I was assisting him so I realized it was best to work on him quietly without him knowing about it.  I recommend asking for heavenly permission through prayer prior to doing this type of work on another person.

Prior to Meditation for my Son

Prior to beginning my meditation for my son:
  1. I make sure no dark entities are plaguing him (See link on how to deal with dark entities)
  2. Then I shield him with God’s light.  (See link on how to shield)
  3. Then I say a short gratitude prayer. – example below
Expressing gratitude as though it has already happened
  • I thank God for my son and for the opportunity to learn from this experience as I care for him. (this shows acceptance of a life challenge)
  • I thank him for healing my son. (this is faith, the healing is done)
  • I thank him for the ability to focus as I meditate for my son.
  • I thank God for his mercy and grace.
  • I thank him for adversity to initiate me to greatness
I like to express many thanks because showing gratitude is as if a miracle has already been granted.

Meditation for my Son

If you desire more detail about points in the meditation for my son, see my blog, “Effective Meditation Techniques”.
  • If you enjoy music, choose moving music to listen to.  I found two tracks of music (links included below) that elevate my emotions to exhilaration.  The music that exhilarates you may vary.  Joe Dispenza teaches the goal while meditating is to set a clear intention matched with an elevated emotion because the subconscious mind responds to change in this fashion.
Music by Tim Janis Relaxing Flute and Violin Music by Tim Janis
  • I put my left hand over my heart which tells my body I am looking inward, and touching that particular area of the body connects me to my son (I believe we are all connected heart to heart.  I also believe the heart is our connection to heaven).
  • I slow my breathing to a steady rhythmic breath, in through the nose and out through the mouth around 5 times.
  • Then I envision massive amounts of purple and white light (as wide as the United States) entering into my son’s forehead and into the frontal lobe of his brain which is the “Boss” of the brain and connects to all other parts of the brain.
  • Then I visualize the top featured image of this post, a healthy brain shape surrounded by purple and white (healing colors) light.  
  • Intermittently, I envision healthy brain activity which is mostly at the base of the brain as depicted in red as shown on the image below.
    Healthy Brain Activity
  • While meditating, my soul often prompts me to tell my son I love him, or that he is beautiful with a beautiful brain, or that he is healed and I praise God for healing him, etc.
  • I ask my son and I’s angel guardians and animal guardians that are granted permission to assist me in filling my son’s frontal lobe and brain with purple and white light.
  • At times, I envision a healthy brain surrounded by light within a frame of a “thinking cloud” to take wherever I go so I can return my thoughts to my son sending him added light whenever I get a free moment throughout the day.
FYI, The whole process presented takes 40 to 45 minutes.


I have faith the process presented in this blog post is a path to healing.

Meditating on your own brain

If you are interested in doing self-energy work which is like a meditation on your own brain, check out my blog, “Self-energy Work on the Brain”.

Updates on my son’s progress

October 2, 2018
Signs of Mental Healing – Update about My Son
March 29, 2109
More Healing Signs – Update about My Son

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