Lavender Oil Exterminator- That Actually Works

Following is my fast and easy recipe to make a batch of lavender oil exterminator.

I had an uneasy feeling, and the thought, “Don’t call an exterminator” came to my mind as I was striving to problem solve our unusual fly problem. I began researching various extermination options, and I was intrigued to learn that lavender oil is a top-rated exterminator among naturalists. Okay, I decided to give my business to the “Lavender Oil Exterminator”.

Insecticides from Home Depot were not working!

I had been using the pet-friendly insecticide D-Fense SC for three years with great success for all types of bugs; however, it was not working on the black flies in our home. It felt like these flies were taking command, and I wasn’t enjoying sharing our home with them!

I deducted in my mind we must need stronger insecticides to get rid of the flies, so in desperation, I resorted to carefully and conservatively using insecticide sprays I did not consider environmentally kosher. I just wanted to promptly get rid of the very big family of very bothersome black flies.

I tried four different insecticides, but they all failed to alleviate the problem, so I needed to figure out a solution to put an end to this home invasion.

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Exterminator Cons

I have to admit after having the thought, “Don’t Call an Exterminator”, I did some research to educate myself about the pros and cons of hiring bug exterminators. In my opinion, there were no pros. Below, I listed my top three CONS related to hiring bug exterminators:

  1. You have to leave your home for 24 hours
  2. The extension agency stated that quite often, exterminators spray a home, but the problem is only temporarily solved or may not work at all. That wouldn’t make paying customers happy to pay for an exterminator, along with the added inconvenience of leaving their home for 24 hours without lasting results.
  3. In my opinion, the BIGGEST con is how unhealthy the majority of insecticide sprays are, not only for us but for pets too.

After researching exterminators, I was certain I should follow my instincts not to call an exterminator, so I continued to search for safer solutions.


I was talking to my friend about our home fly problem, and she suggested finding directions on YouTube to make fly traps. I made a couple of different types of fly traps, but they didn’t work well at all.

As I was brainstorming with my friend what to do next, she suggested a spray solution made with garlic may work since nothing seems to like the smell of garlic. Because of prior experience preparing garlic for other tonics, I knew I didn’t want to spend time preparing ongoing, time-consuming garlic-based insecticide sprays. Besides that, I didn’t want my house to stink like garlic on top of the fly problem.

Lavender Oil Exterminator Insecticide

Lavender Oil Exterminator - I was surprised to learn many different essential oils can be used as insecticides, but the one at the top of the list of recommendations was lavender oil.
Photo by Cosiela B. 

However, brainstorming with my friend gave way to the thought to look for homemade insecticides using essential oils. I was surprised to learn many different essential oils can be used as insecticides, but the one at the top of the list of recommendations was lavender oil. I am not particularly fond of the smell of lavender, but I prefer it over the scent of garlic.

Lavender Oil readily available

Lavender is also readily available and is one of the least expensive essential oils. This recipe also called for vodka, but since we aren’t vodka drinkers, I further researched to look for other alternatives besides vodka. Another person said rubbing alcohol and water was a great base for cleaners made with essential oils, which sounded good to me.

I ended up making my own recipe after I completed my research on effective homemade insecticides.

Recipe for Lavender Oil Exterminator

Following is my fast, easy recipe to make a batch of lavender oil exterminator that REALLY WORKS!

  • Fill an 8 oz. spray bottle with 4 oz. of rubbing alcohol – Rubbing alcohol is way less expensive than vodka and can be conveniently purchased while shopping for groceries and other household products.
  • Add 50 drops (give or take – it doesn’t need to be exact) of lavender oil
  • Fill the remainder of the spray bottle with water
  • Shake to combine the ingredients
  • Shake with each use because oils tend to settle to the bottom
  • Spray flies and bugs directly or thoroughly spray infested areas as often as needed.

Added Suggestions

See my blog titled “Essential Oil Likes and Dislikes”.

In addition to spraying bugs and/or infested areas with a lavender oil exterminator, I suggest checking to make sure doors, windows, foundations, etc., are as leak-proof as possible, striving to keep bugs outdoors.


For other homemade recipes using essential oils, see my blog titled “Essential Oil Blend Recipes | Toothpaste-Mouthwash – Wound Healer”

My homemade wound healer is a favorite.

Top Featured Photo by Manlake Gabriel 

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