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Three out of the five incarceration profiteers reportedly budget millions of dollars for lobbying.

I did not intend to write another blog related to mass incarceration but I kept receiving information about incarceration profiteers I felt I should pass along to others.  There are five large companies that promote incarceration to generate large profits of money.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but it really had not occurred to me that the motivation to incarcerate offenders for longer periods of time is related to greed.  FYI, my studies mentioned some of these U.S. based companies are currently trying to win prison and jail contracts in other countries.

Incarceration Profiteers and Lobbying

Three out of the five incarceration profiteers reportedly budget millions of dollars for lobbying. The lobbyists promote continued “tough on crime” tactics and write bills for offenders to serve longer sentences with the planned agenda to continue to generate large profits by keeping prison beds full.  If you have not read my earlier blog about how “tough on crime” has failed, you will want to read it for a full understanding of what is happening in our communities.

1. The GEO Group 

The Geo Group subcontracts with prisons and jails and also has ownership in private prisons and jails.

  • 2018 projected revenue is 2.3 billion
  • In 2017, CEO George C. Zoley made over 9 million dollars in personal payment and compensation.
  • 2017 net income was 146.2 million
  • Many reports of dirty and unsanitary conditions in prisons and jails ran by the GEO group.
  • Reports of prison staff having sex with incarcerated inmates.
  • Hires many lobbyists in 17 states and they donate to over 400 candidates promoting their agenda to fill prisons and jails.  Empty beds do not make money so GEO group works to keep prisons beds full.

2.CCA  Corrections Corporations of America

CCA subcontracts mostly with private jails and prisons that began in the 90s.

  • In 2014, CCA made 1.7 billion dollars
  • Spends millions to lobby politicians and judges.  Spent nearly 19 million dollars to lobby in 2014.  Also spends millions on state and federal elections to politically promote their agenda to make money locking people up.
  • Works with ALEC, a company who writes bills to promote prison privatization and to increase sentences- Reported 2014
  • Wrote a bill for 48 states to guarantee 90% occupancy for 20 years.
  • Reports of understaffed prisons to save money resulting in violence within the correctional facilities.
  • Reports of dirty and unsafe conditions in prison and jail facilities ran by CCA
  • Reports of sexual abuse in CCA ran facilities.

3. Corizon

Corizon sub-contracts medical care services at prisons and jails in 29 U.S. states.

  • Makes 1.4 billion a year (Reported in 2013)
  • Many testimonies of ignored and poor medical care of inmates while keeping more profits for the company and top executives.

4. GTL formerly Global Tel*Link

GTL takes advantage of inmates’ families by overcharging them when calling their incarcerated loved ones.

  • Estimated annual revenue $100 to 500 million- Reported in 2017
  • Won prison contracts by promising kickback profits to prisons and jails which are achieved by overcharging families of inmates.
  • $1.13 per minute phone calls

5. Bail Industry

  • Charge 10%.  So if it costs $20,000 dollars to bail someone out, the bail bondsmen get $2,000.
  • Reported 2 billion in revenue (2015)
  • Works with ALEC, a company who writes bills to promote continued bail bond business.
  • Hires lobbyists to ensure laws don’t get passed that would threaten the profits the bail industry currently generates.

Incarceration profiteers should not be allowed to make a lucrative living locking people up.  Spreading this information gives more people the opportunity to watch for occasions to possibly speak against mass incarceration for profit.

Top Featured Photo by Sharon McCutcheon

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