Energy Healing Techniques | Release Your Anger

It takes time and practice to identify anger and other emotions that are ready to be released which lengthens the time to heal. My husband was inspired when he said, "The best energy healing techniques are to let your higher-self decide the most destructive emotions that need to be released at this time".  

Prior to sharing my energy healing techniques, it is essential to understand the following:

  • Love attracts positive energy
  • Fear attracts negative energy

Energy Healing Techniques – Increased Love

Considering the above two statements, in order to improve emotional health, you must use energy healing techniques that increase the emotion of love and decrease the emotion of fear and anger.  It would be nice if you set a goal to have perpetual love and then wake up the next day in a state of continual love but it isn’t quite that easy. However, my quick emotional release is simple. It wouldn’t be quick if it was complicated.  

Identification of Emotion Unnecessary

The Emotion Code and other similar techniques have helped a lot of people. However, I discovered that it is NOT necessary when using emotional healing techniques to identify anger or any emotion in order to achieve a release. There are some who would disagree, but I have found this to be effective.

I felt overwhelmed striving to identify countless buried negative emotions that needed to be released in order to achieve healing. I recognized this process was taking way too much time so I began to ponder and pray about a solution.

I found myself feeling comfortable praying for the release of negative buried emotions. I kept tweaking my initial prayer until I felt I had an end product that was time-effective.

Anger and Emotional Release Prayer

Here is my sample anger and emotional release prayer I use. It is simple and quick.

Emotion Code has helped a lot of people.  However, I recently discovered that it is unnecessary when using energy healing techniques to identify anger or any emotion in order to achieve a release.

By the Power of God (or the title you refer to God), I release _________’s most destructive emotion at this time. I ask that it be cleared at every layer, level, and if applicable, for generational and past lives. Release it from wherever it is stored in __________’s body, DNA, mind, and spirit. I ask __________ and her/his spirit to give it to God.  I now ask God to fill________ with light and love. I ask that this emotional trauma be healed every whit through the power of God and replaced with its positive opposite. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

God and your higher-self that resides with God knows your most destructive emotion at any given time. You may say this prayer as often as time permits.

Allowing everyone to speak their true thoughts

To maintain overall health, I think it is essential for everyone to have opportunities to express their true thoughts, including screaming and crying if needed.  Releasing emotions prevents things from building up inside, causing bigger problems at a later time.  I wish I would have understood the importance of allowing my children to have more “emotional releases” rather than being so concerned with good and proper behavior. However, I didn’t understand anything about processing emotions and emotional well-being when I was raising my children.

Leaving past mistakes behind and moving forward by applying new knowledge is the path to bringing greater future blessings to you and your family.

Daily Negativity Release Prayer

Often, ideally, daily, I say this short and simple emotional release prayer to heal any negative emotions my family and I attracted…

By the power of God, I command all negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, and energy that my children, my children’s mates, my grandchildren, and my husband and I attracted today (or the past few days if you missed a day) to immediately go to the light of God to be healed by His love and replaced with its positive opposite. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

We tend to work very hard to use energy-healing techniques to heal past emotional trauma but often forget to take care of what is happening in the present.  This daily prayer is helpful in attending to the present.


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