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A few weeks ago, I was given some new effective meditation techniques and information so I decided to recommit myself to meditating each day.

I first began to meditate in 2015.  I spent 30 to 60 minutes in meditation each day for about a year, but there weren’t enough noticeable changes, so I lost interest and quit.  A bit ago, I was given some new effective meditation techniques that are promoting wonderful sensations within my body.   My recent positive meditation experiences have created a deep desire within me to meditate each day.

Effective Meditation Techniques

When and where to meditate

I really look forward to my “before bedtime” meditation sessions, which are now 45 to 60 minutes.  Some people like to meditate when they first wake up in the morning, but I prefer meditating just before I go to sleep.  It is my opinion meditating in a recliner is ideal, but if sitting in a chair or lying on a bed without a pillow is preferred, those methods can achieve positive results also.  I recommend using earphones when meditating, which helps keep sound more balanced.

Slow Breathing 

Prior to beginning meditation, I slow my breathing to a steady rhythmic breath, in through the nose and out through the mouth.  I usually do this about 5 to 8 times.  Breathing slower begins the process of moving from beta brainwaves to theta waves, the ideal state for meditation.

  • Beta waves- awake state (conscious and alert state)
  • Alpha waves- the bridge state between conscious and subconscious
  • Theta waves- trance or hypnotic (the state that is perfect for meditation)
  • Delta waves- restorative sleep state
Beautiful Music

While slowing down my breathing, I begin to listen to beautiful music, which is so helpful in enhancing an effective meditation.  Here are some of my meditation music favorites:

Theta waves meditation music –  The goal is to move into the meditative state of theta waves so I highly recommend theta wave meditation music.

Tibetan music is a top favorite – Tibet is well-known for their knowledge of prayer and meditation.  Their meditation music is absolutely wonderful!

Chakra healing meditations– I highly recommend checking out two favorite chakra healing meditations at the provided link.

Reiki Meditations – There are many beautiful Reiki music choices that are used in Reiki healing sessions but can also be used for personal meditation.

I enjoy relaxing flute meditation music

Soft sounds of nature meditation music

Explore and see what kind of music feels best to your soul.

The heart is more powerful electrically and magnetically than the brain

Recently I learned that the heart is 100 times more powerful electrically and up to 5,000 times more powerful magnetically than the brain.  Since learning this information, I touch my heart with my left hand as I begin to visualize an upside-down triangle of purple, green and white light energy entering my heart chakra (as shown below).

  • Purple light is for healing
  • Green light is for peace and tranquility
  • White light is representative of all the colors and stands for purity

After focusing energy to the heart chakra this past month, it is my opinion the heart area creates greater sensations of joy and happiness throughout my body, making a more effective meditation.  I believe our connection to heaven is through the heart.

Guided Meditations

I have not been a fan of guided meditations, but I found two new guided meditations I like.

Guided Meditation inspired by Dr. Joe Dispenza

I highly recommend reading Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book, “You Are the Placebo” to receive the greatest benefit from the following meditation.  I think most people would think some of the directions given during this meditation are strange if you don’t read Dr. Dispenza’s explanations in his book.  After reading this book, it convinced me the regular practice of meditation is beneficial and time well-spent.  Dr. Dispenza now offers a Summary Guide of You are the Placebo on Kindle for only $.99.  Fyi, Joe Dispenza healed six compressed and fractured vertebrae through meditation.

Meditation to harmonize the heart and brain

This is a great short meditation to harmonize the heart and brain by Gregg Braden.  Start this meditation at 4:30 minute marker.  This is an easy-to-follow meditation exercise.


Top Featured Photo by Jared Rice

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