Easykits.org Website Scam – Work for Amazon from Home

Sure enough, the public had all sort of negative things to say about Easykits.org website.  We had almost been suckered into a scam because the mindset had been created we were working with Amazon, a reliable and trusted company.

Have you heard of Easykits.org website?  If you are like me, I had never heard of them before.  I feel it is important for me to share what I learned Easykits.org is doing.

Phone messages 

Over a couple of months, I received four phone messages that Amazon is hiring people to list products and write product reviews for $17 to $32 an hour.  My phone automatically saved these four messages so when my son mentioned he was interested in working online from home, I told him about the messages that Amazon was hiring.

We thought it was strange these four messages came from four different phone numbers (all in different states) but since Amazon is such a large company, we discounted it.  Each message also stated if you are interested in working for Amazon, go ______ website to apply.   However, each message referenced a different website which we discounted again due to the size of Amazon.

Four Websites Including Easykits.org website

The first website was webstorejobs.org which took us to the following news5 article link announcing that Amazon is hiring people to work from home:

News 5 Daily (No longer a functioning site)

The next three websites were the following:

  • storejobs.org
  • shopperweb.org
  • stockretail.org

These three websites were also all directed to the “News5 Daily” that announced Amazon’s online program to provide jobs for Americans who want to work from home.

Cash Websites connected to Easykits.org website

I clicked on the Cash Websites link that the Amazon Exec. expressed interest in, which took us to the following website:

Want to make $500 a day (No longer a functioning site)

My son and I listened to their 10 steps presentation created by a mastermind marketer.  At the end of the presentation, they invited us to sign up for a “cash website” for only $47 with a money-back guarantee.  It sounded good so my son wanted to purchase the kit.  I gave him my support without any warnings or discouraging possibilities.

My son’s credit card was declined but he knew there was plenty of credit on his card so we tried calling Easykits but they hung up.  Then we tried emailing them and the email came back undeliverable.  We then knew we had been suckered.  Luckily the credit card company had Easykits.org website earmarked as an illegitimate company which protected us from being scammed.  Thank goodness!

The following website somehow fits into this scam also.

Nerdy Hire

Power of creating a mindset

We then did a google search to see what kind of reports came up about Easykits.org.   Sure enough, the public had all sorts of negative things to say about Easykits.org website.  We had almost been suckered into a scam because Easykits had created a mindset to make us think we were working with Amazon, a reliable and trusted company.  I thought at age 58, I was seasoned enough to recognize ripoff scams, but whoever put this presentation together understood luring one small step at a time using the false background influence of Amazon, one of the biggest and most well-known companies in the world.  Very tricky.

Stay Away from Easykits.org website

I don’t want anyone to waste their money, time, or emotional energy with this trickery so I wrote this blog post to warn others to STAY AWAY from Easykits.org website.

Try not to let dishonest people discourage you

Although there are many dishonest people, I believe there are plenty of honest, good people too.  We must not let the dishonesty of some keep us from striving and hoping to locate truth which is necessary to increase our development.

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  1. Thanks for the blog u saved me from the headache I did pay 47 and it was decline but took another card from there having problems login in for anything else

    1. I also wanted to thank you for your blog unfortunately they did get me for the $47 I’m just thankful that I didn’t pay the additional 200 to have 30 or 40 funnels going at one time and test the waters at first, all to find out that it is too good to be true so that’s what I get for my naivety… I wonder if you dispute it if there’s any way to get it back??? Could I ask if anybody has been that lucky or is that more of my naiveness LOL or wishful think that again PS thanks for your help

    2. I paid the $47 and realized it was a bunch of BS! I requested a refund and they said they only refund $24!
      Wait 6 to 20 business days they said!!!!
      It’s been a month and I still haven’t received a refund. Emails come back as not deliverable.
      Scam scam scam

  2. Thank you for the warning, I too have been scammed by these people. Your blog post sounds just like what I have gone through. Will paypal get my money back and stop these people from scamming others? God bless

    1. after 4 months. i got my mother to back me since she is on temporary disability I’m ashamed and saddened that this is not what it seems ive been sick for a few months. is there anything else i can do.

      1. Not that I know of. I am so sorry. You shouldn’t be ashamed. The ones taking struggling people’s money should be the ones who are ashamed.

  3. Wish I had read your posts before I lost my $47. I am also a victim. Easykits got me too. I couldn’t get my cash site up and running because Amazon wouldn’t give me the plugins.

  4. easykits.org convinced me to sign up for a cash website thru amazon for $47 making $500 a wk. which sounded so real in making me believe that i could make that kind of money. please, please do not fall into this trap. they got my money and now i cannot get it back. can you just imagine putting amazon in the middle of this scam, they sure can be convincing . i personally believe these scammers are works of the devil.

  5. I too got scammed … I wanted to google the name of the source but it wasn’t presented until after the payment
    So atleast we get the solace of knowing what’s up from ur blog but still has no one found a way to get them caught of shut down ?!

    1. I know your purse was in August it just happened to me and it’s in the beginning or middle of October like the people that are responsible for taking this BS down are they just sitting on their hands or what it doesn’t take a whole summer to realize that this is a bunch of BS like seriously who do we need to go to to have his taken down one thing that guy wasn’t kidding about is he sure is getting rich and it doesn’t seem like anybody gives a shit if it’s off of people on disabilities money or money that they stole or scrounge together it seems like people just don’t give their jobs anymore including me but whoever said that there is no name to go off of until the very end was definitely right which should have been in one of the telltale signs and it’s funny isn’t it how they just give you just enough time to get your credit card out and the pay before you lose out on the so-called deal how convenient. You know when it sounds too good to be true unfortunately 99% of the time it is but I fell two .. 47.00

      1. I now know I was scammed on February 18, 2020. This is my first and las time this will happen. I have been trying to contact them since February 22nd , 202 because I have been having difficulty getting a website started. The emails I have sent have been returned undelivered.I wish I would have seen this. I know it’s $47. But it’s my $47. Very sad

  6. Thank you I tried to order it today but my card declined it, I even went n put $ on my PayPal just so I could try it, thank you. Again

  7. I just bought this easy it, I made my website and I logout, when I tried to login again I could not. So maybe I have been scammed. Thanks for putting this blog

  8. Can someone contact their credit card company to retrieve the physical address of the company to whom your payment went? I’m speaking to those who’s transaction for the $47 was successful. I get at least 8-10 text messages per day from these scammed and I want to send them a cease and desist letter before I sue them. Please post their address in this blog please.

    1. I unfortunately made the purchase today of the $47 I then tried to make a purchase of $197 for the 100 websites that Website ATM offered to make money which my credit card declined but they didn’t approve my $47 I have since called and because it still pending I cannot dispute it now I have to call tomorrow and disputed the $47 I will probably have to get a new card which is fine with me but I want my money back I don’t even have a phone number to call them and I can’t get a hold of them through their website either if anyone has the phone number I would appreciate getting that Good luck there’s so many scammers out there it’s really pathetic that they take advantage of people I am disabled and unable to work out of home so have been looking for making money online sounded too good to be true and turns out it really was

  9. Thanks for your blog. While the “pitch guy” was babbling on with all his promises, I decided to take a quick look at the “Terms & Conditions”. Talk about covering their a$$es. What sealed the deal for me was at the very end of those T & C’s. The system falls under the legal jurisdiction of the country of Cyprus. Whoa….Nuff said.
    I’d love to come face to face with one of those low life Bozo’s spewing their testimonials. People, like those low life’s, who reduce their self respect to that level, are so low they have to look up to see down.

    1. Thanks for letting everyone know about the small print of the terms and conditions and for your passion to get these guys. Hopefully soon!!!

    2. I also read the terms and conditions and that’s where I found the actual site name and googled it to find this blog… So glad I did too.

  10. Yes, to good to be true. I too paid my $47 and was ready to pay the additional $10 to get a host. I even got a call back from someone who said he would be my coach. I did not call him back but I do have a phone number. 1-702-903-4352. I did not even try my plugins but i guess one was for e bay, the other for amazon and for something i was not familiar with. Well looks like i am out $47. i should know better. thank you for all the information from your Blog.

  11. michael – I just filed with a request for $47 refund and $47 refund from click better and was told that they would credit my card back within 7 – 10 working days! the phone number that I called is 1- 888- 793 3429. I hope that this helps all of you that need this . I too, am retired and I too was scammed!! I will contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Better Business Bureaus in my state and in their state and also the State Attorney General in my state and in their states ! These are the offices that you need to contact if you have been scammed!! I hope that this can help any of you that need help!! God Bless All of You.

  12. i am confused by all this. i curently have made a website through them and it is working granted i have ha to do most of the work and am having to funnel my own trafic but as far as my site goes it is real but then again i have my own personal domain names and am currently working on directing trafic to my sight it was not a make money with no work sight like stated but it can be used to make your own affiliate website and linking to ebay and amazon as assosiates and affiliates is lagit and the videos on how to direct traffic to your website are inrormative so not a tottal loss for me i guess i got lucky.

  13. Any site that promises $500 or more per day is PURE BS! STAY AWAY! KEEP YOUR MONEY IN YOUR POCKET WHERE IT BELONGS!
    There are more scams out there than I have space to write them.
    Please google the site first because if there was a real honest to goodness site where anyone could make up to $1000.00 per day, don’t you think everyone and their brother would be doing it?

  14. I paid $47. Don’t know the name popped up on uTube. A guy calls me every day with an assignment. Looking up terms like: drop shipping, bounce rate, affiliate marketing, search engine optimization etc. had me apply for a credit card from AMEX but told me not to activate it yet. Had me make a list of 10 things I would like to sell. Am I being scammed?

      1. They won’t give me their website name. Said the boss would tell me everything when I have an interview on Monday. Call comes from Washington State. Phone number is 425-242-6178. I think I’m being scammed. They had me apply for 2 cash credit cards which I have not activated and I think I should cancel. Any advice?

  15. I called 888–793–3429 and got a customer service Rep. and they say they have cancelled my $47 transaction! I will be calling my bank first thing tomorrow morning to make sure these SCAMMERS have actually CANCELLED this BOGUS TRANSACTION!
    Hope this info is helpful to anyone that has been SCAMMED!
    I pray that God takes care of these Monsters! & that God has Favor to all the ones that have been scammed!

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