Dream Message | Embracing Uniqueness

I pondered about the dream message as I interpreted it.  I had to decide if I wanted to be different in my beautiful pink dress or if I was going to hide in shame because I wasn't wearing black and white like the other 189 contestants.

I received a dream message last night.  I entered a pageant contest with 190 participants.  I looked up the number 190 which is a natural and happy number.  I will explain more about my interpretation of the natural and happy number “190” along with the dream message I received after I present the details of the dream.

Black and White

I arrived at the pageant early.  I found the seating area where the contestants were to sit.  I was among the first to arrive so I sat down in an aisle seat which is typical for me.  I like to arrive early to events so I have more chance to get an aisle seat so I can get out easily if needed.  As I sat waiting, I looked around the auditorium observing the layout of the large room.  Then I read through the program.  While I was reading and pondering about the program, many contestants arrived filling in the majority of the contestant seats.  I turned around to look at the ladies behind me and noticed they were all wearing black and white.  Then I looked at the ladies to my right and they were also wearing black and white.  I turned to the person next to me and asked her if I was supposed to be wearing black and white and she answered, “Yes”.   My heart sank.  I stood up to go call my mom to bring me my black skirt and white blouse.  I knew time was short.

As I walked out of the auditorium, I was worried someone was going to take my seat, but getting something black and white to wear became a higher priority than saving my aisle seat.  Deep down, I knew it was too late.  There simply wasn’t enough time for my mom to bring me black and white attire to change into.  I looked down at my beautiful pink dress, my favorite color.  I ran back into the auditorium and quickly noticed my seat was still open.  I woke up and I remembered my dream in detail.

Dream Message

I pondered about the dream message as I interpreted it.  I had to decide if I wanted to be different in my beautiful pink dress or if I was going to hide in shame because I wasn’t wearing black and white like the other 189 contestants.  My seat was still empty.  I had to make a quick decision if I was going to participate in pink among 189 others wearing black and white.  If I wanted to be natural and happy as the number 190 represents, I must choose to be “ME” by standing alone in my favorite color, PINK,  in confidence with a smile on my face!  I could NOT choose to be untrue to myself by hiding because I didn’t have the courage to participate with the other ladies wearing black and white!

Application of the Dream Message

About a year and a half ago I left my lifetime religion of Mormonism.  Recently, there has been some heightened judgment from family members concerning my husband and me choosing to leave Mormonism that has caused me some turmoil which has interfered with my ability to create.  This dream message to stand alone in confidence by being “ME” increases my courage to continue to stand strong in my beliefs regardless of the judgment placed upon me.  It has become clear to me, I will never reach my greatest potential if I do not have the courage to stand alone in what I believe.

Mother L

This dream message also helps me to feel a strengthened commitment to write what I believe to be true on this blog and to be happy being me, Mother L.

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